AGW Ministries is meant to be an online blessing to you. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Type in your email address and a copy will be sent right to your inbox. Yet not what I will, but what you will.” I love this verse because Jesus points out two important facts. This correction could bring you int… As an article in Bustle says, "when you're single, you inherently learn to become more independent." A Guidebook for Every Phase of Christian Singleness, 4 Signs God Is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship, 12 Reasons Not to Have Sex Before Marriage. While I am certainly not saying that you should be willing to sacrifice everything you want in life just to make it work with someone, I am saying that when you truly meet the person God desires you to marry, you will make compromises to be with this person out of joy and not out of resentment. And you know what, that is OK. What is God preparing you for? If you have an unbiblical motive for marriage that is rooted in idolatry or infatuation, God will prepare your heart for marriage by helping you repent of the false motives for marriage so you can choose biblical motives instead. The first clear sign that you should end a relationship is if that relationship is against the principles laid out in the Bible. Exodus 20:14. If God calls you to do something he will equip you to accomplish that call. Sign In. Please bring me the one you want me to marry and make it clear to me.”. The desire for marriage is biblical and very pleasing to God. But my favorite act of serving God is revealing his truth in written format. God always equips those he calls. But through that experience God is teaching you how to have realistic relationship expectations. All Ministries Recently Added Español More... God Is Preparing You Today for Something Greater Tomorrow! God doesn’t build on uneven ground. The correction might come in the form of a job loss, a pay cut, or some unforeseen circumstances that nearly breaks your bank, however God isn’t going to leave you or forsake you (Heb 13:5), but He does discipline every son or daughter He loves (Heb 12:6). I’m not a therapist or relationship expert, but after nearly a decade of marriage, I’m not convinced that your taste in movies or music is necessarily a sign of a healthy relationship or determines whether or not you and your significant other are destined for happily-ever-after. If you want more information about all the video courses, private Facebook group, the bonus access to 7 of my books, and the 3 months of email coaching with me, you can, For more information on AGW University, feel free to, 4 Signs God Is Protecting You from a Bad Relationship…, 3 Signs God Is Preparing You for a Breakthrough, 4 Things To Do When You Think You’ve Met The…, 3 Signs God Is Telling You to Stop Thinking About…, 4 Signs God Is Telling You to Give Someone a…, 3 Signs Satan Is Tricking You to Believe that This Person Is The One, 5 Things God Will Do Before He Lets You Move On from Someone, 4 Signs God Is About to Use Someone’s Sins for Your Good, 4 Reasons God Is Not Taking Away Your Desire for Sex, 5 Signs God Is Asking You to Refocus on Him. And when the time comes He will bring you both together to love and cherish each other, and to serve Him. AGW Ministries is meant to be an online blessing to you. It's all free! who keeps an oath even when it hurts, and does not change their mind . This is holy ground we are on. 1. In that course I unpack how to reject sinful motives for marriage and how to embrace God-honoring motives for marriage. Trust that God will bring you both back together if it is meant to be and in his timing. Who may live on your holy mountain? I've served as a missionary, a pastor, and as a pastoral counselor. Why Does God Allow Disobedient People to Get Married? When You Know You Truly Want to Be Married to Glorify God, This Is a Sign God Is Telling You Your Heart Is Ready for a Relationship. Perhaps you go on a date and it goes terrible. Perhaps you go on a date and it goes terrible. I kept running into wonderful people who had already determined what God wanted me to do. So while it may be very hard to let this relationship go, when you do obey what God is saying and you don’t enter into a relationship with someone that you like because you know they are not obeying the word of God, then this is a very big sign of maturity on your end. Ideally you will be willing to sacrifice for them and they will also be willing to sacrifice for you. When things start falling apart, possibly because you and I are doing something contrary to God’s will, He will gently nudge us with a bit of correction. So that's what AGW is all about! Prayer is such a vital key to preparing for a great future and a godly relationship. One indicator that we are on the path to maturity is the type of prayers that we pray. That was the case for me when my now husband told me that I was his wife. If you start learning valuable relationship lessons and God starts teaching you practical tools that will help you in Christian dating, this could be a sign that God is preparing you for marriage. God is truly able to do anything he wants. I have a Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling, I've been married since 2008, we have two wild children, and we live in Cleveland, Ohio. If God Has Led You to Say “No” to a Relationship Even Though You Really Liked This Person, This Is a Good Sign That Your Heart Is Ready for a Christian Relationship. Notice what Jesus said in Mark 14:36, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. What signs will be present when God wants you to start dating someone? Yes, God is in control but his sovereign will works through practical means, including in the dating process. But my favorite act of serving God is revealing his truth in written format. Generally speaking, the more willing you are to let something go, the more ready you are to receive it from God. You don’t find good Godly men often in this world but you are right to get your relationship with God strengthened first before committing. Likewise, when God makes us wait He is preparing us for our future. God is insisting you keep those habits in your life even if you cannot tell why at the moment. Pray for wisdom, pray for guidance, pray for for clarity and direction. Do you want to love and know God better and better every day? Some of us ask God to show us a sign whether something or someone is good or bad for us. Perhaps you go on another date and you thought it went great but then he never calls you again. If you want to be married to give your love to someone and to receive love as well, that is a good motive. Let go of the reigns, let His perfect love drive out your fear and let go of the relationship that’s squelching your beautiful vision of what love should look like. . So we too must always place our desire to serve God over our desire for anything else. You sound like you both are going in the direction that you should. Rather than praying for “that one” person you wish you could be with, eventually your heart must submit to God and begin to pray, “Lord, I’d like to be married to that person one day, but your will be done, not mine. One of the best ways to trust God’s “Yes” to you is to know that you are truly willing to also obey him if he says “No” to you. But through that bad experience you learn how to interact with the opposite sex. 9. For example, if a man was wondering if God is calling him to be an elder in the church, that call would be confirmed by the man being equipped to fulfill the role of an elder as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. Enjoy your singleness while it lasts. I’d love to get to know you personally and help out in any way I can. Brings you closer to God If you feel that you have drawn closer to God since you started going out together, then it could mean that this relationship began right and it influences you positively. When You Are Willing to Sacrifice Your Desires Out of Love for Another Person, This Is a Sign Your Heart Is Ready for a Christian Relationship. When you have a renewed hunger for the things of God, much like the deer that pants for water as the psalmist writes, “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God” (Psalm 42:1). Perhaps you go on another date and you thought it went great but then he never calls you again. He is also preparing that person for you. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you and someone else really connect socially and there is obvious chemistry between you both, but you also know that this person does not have the type of biblical qualities a Christian spouse should have.