Get creative and make a washi tape spread with samples of all your washi tape designs (e.g. Before your month begins, review your calendar and write down any important events and dates coming up and what you need to do to plan for them. Keep up with projects by starting with an outline or mindmap. Do you like to save? Think about what triggers your stress, emotions, poor eating habits. Write about how the Holidays make you feel. Write down the features, location, and ideas for your dream home! Add some more items to your bucket list…if you don’t have a bucket list, start one. If you’re an oil user like me, you may want to keep a list of your favorite oils and the benefits of each. Make an extra buck or two by selling items you don’t need. Thanks for helping me out. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. 👍. Yay! See more ideas about bullet journal ideas pages, bullet journal inspiration, bullet journal aesthetic. Brainstorm event ideas and set up a timeline for your to-do’s in your journal. 😀. If you like to commit to certain exercise programs, like Beachbody, you can keep up with your progress in your bullet journal. This way, you’ll never forget a birthday again (calendar alerts on your phone work best though)! If you’re a football fan like me, you may travel to different places to see away games and bowl games. As far as my straight writing goes, I cheat with a laser guide sometimes… and the dot grid helps of course. during lockdown I wanted a hobby so I started bullet journaling, and you have given me some great ideas! If you could start life again, would you? If you’re a fan of theme parks, make a list of parks you’ve visited and your favorite roller coasters and rides. Did you know you can save money (affiliate link) with my coupon code LIFEBYWHITNEY15 at Tombow? Write out (or tape in) your kids’ sports schedules. I like to print my own version out too. Track the trails you want to hike (or trails you have hiked) and add ratings. If you do basic stretches to stay flexible, write down your favorites and how often you did them. Are you obsessed with only ONE brand of a certain product (hello Mezzetta olives)? Haha. What is the worst vacation you have ever had/. I’ve been looking at doing “morning routine” and “self care tool kit” spreads too. This is one of the very first lists I ever made in my bullet journal! Hopefully, a time clock does this for you, but if you’re self-employed, you may not have one! Below I share over 100 amazing Bullet Journal Collections to try. Write down their usernames for when you’re in a rut. List out your recipe steps and mark them complete as you prepare your meal. I’m obsessed with lettering and doodling! I absolutely love all the hard work that you have poured into this site. I’ll have to keep things bookmarked next time I’m working in my journal for ideas! Track how often you do community service. Anytime you buy a new shade of paint for your home, keep the swatch and tape it into your journal! Bullet Journal Ideas for beginners in 2021. Track new coffee shops you try out and write down what you order. I come back to this list when I feel like I have a creative brain block and it helps me get started again. Make a spread to make sure you’re getting all of the water you need, or keep up with it in your weekly and daily spreads. I could just look at the picture at the beginning of this post. This is how many ounces of water you should be drinking each day (at least!). Save all the details of your kiddos that you might need in a pinch: doctor’s contact, social security #, medical history…, Write down birthdays and important anniversary dates for your family and friends. When you’re planning your weekly grocery trips, pick up a few new choices so you’ll always have something semi-healthy to snack on around the house. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, looking for monthly or weekly spreads, or simply searching for inspiration — this is the exact same list I use to start my creative process every time. When you come across recipe ideas, add them to this spread for easy reference. Create a list of all the things you want to do before you get there — this is like a mini bucket list! This can help you find out when you’re at your peak energy level for certain projects. ❤️. It’s probablygot 3 hournal’s worth of topics, if not more, listed there. What is a food you would love to try from a different country? What is your best memory with some of the special people in your life? So happy you found it helpful. Write down new aches or ailments you discover as you age. Find and save ideas about bullet journal on Pinterest. If you run a blog or website, make a list of your A/B test experiments and track the winners. She is the REAL DEAL guys. Thank you for all you do! Or maybe you have a certain respect for leaders in a particular industry? Write out YouTube video ideas or your favorite YouTube accounts. List your favorite self-care ideas. Track each one, along with its pros and cons. Better to ask how journaling can best serve you — and what personal journal ideas can help you make the most of it. thank you so much for this. If you enjoy trying new wine or beer, you may want to make a drink rating spread. Here is a quick doodling how-to post that should help. Who are your professional idols? How would you make a raining day amazing? I’ve been printing dot paper to practice on and decided to jump on in with a dot journal. Make a list so YOU can be the witty one next time. Write down your estimated “fall asleep” time and then what time you wake up. One of the basic types of bullet journal page ideas you can do is an agenda page. 😉. Make a general packing list you can reference whenever packing for a big trip OR make a specific packing list for a special trip, like a ski trip or cruise. YouTube is a great spot to find fitness instructors for free. Keep track of chapters or page numbers of books you’re reading. Track when you cut your hair and what hairstyles you went with — that way you know know how fast your hair grows and when you need to schedule a new appointment. Ever hear of a cool holiday tradition you’d love to copy? This was absolutely a suggestion from my teenage brother (and he’s pretty smart)! The great thing about journal prompts is that we are all unique. Loved the video with the new monthly spread for April. What would you do if you were granted three wishes? Hhighlight one word to use as your focus word of the year! There are a lot Jackie. Write down your measurements and weight so you can compare later. Are you looking to start a hobby? Where are documents like wills, trusts, deeds, living wills, etc kept? This could be for the kids OR you. really helped me and I think will help a lot. Write about your top five personal strengths. If you’re trying for a baby, you can track your ovulation and period cycles in your journal. Luckily, many are linked to your phone number, but your bullet journal is a great place to keep a list of your membership numbers all in one spot. Before purchasing anything big, add it to a “might buy” list. Try new drinks and keep up with your favorites. Draw the dots and their corresponding letters! So very excited and nervous but have a ton of guidance here in this post! Now, anytime you feel your focus drifting, remember that word (and the reason you chose it) and push yourself to get back on track. If you’re an HGTV fan or a big Pinterest user, you probably have some ideas to remodel your home. But sometimes I get stuck in rut, repeating similar themes over and over again because I … If you’re lactose intolerant, track your symptoms and problem foods so you can make sure to stay away! Journal spread ideas that reflect the unique YOU! Also, keep up with the medicines you take just in case you end up with the same symptoms again. Thank you for the kind words. Practice your lettering with some of your favorite song lyrics. Haha, yes, you definitely can’t complain anymore! Take notes of any big projects and responsibilities you have in the organization, and write down names of other members to help you remember new faces. Write down personal goals and any resolutions you have made for yourself. I’m newly obsessed with teas and want to try them ALL, but some are a lot better than others. Write down names, numbers, email address, and schedules of your co-workers. Write down your pet’s vet appointments and how often they need to be seen. I am SO thrilled to have found you! Check with your credit card company or and get yours. Have you ever got a coupon from a store that’s good for only the NEXT month? They will inspire me and hopefully, my students, in our own journaling. List the names of team members that deserve a compliment, and write down when you deliver the good news and also rate their reaction. I can only find my type of salad dressing at Publix and it drives me nuts! Thank you Whitney for the 250+ Layout Ideas For Your Bullet Journal printout!!! (My latest hobby is chalkboard signs!). It comes in handy. Thinking of buying something BIG for the house — like a new refrigerator, TV or computer?! Track when you knit and learn how much time each project actually takes. If you had no limits, what would you ultimately want to achieve during your lifetime. Make a list of work supplies you need and rate the ones you use. Create a roadmap to prepare for potentially disruptive business events. Stick a piece of tape at your pool waterline and use it to track your water evaporation levels (especially if you live in the South!). Hint: You can go back on Ticketmaster and StubHub to see your ticket purchase history. Even the most die-hard Bullet Journal fan can sometimes feel uninspired or stuck for ideas. I’ll add them asap. The lists of all these layout ideas has really opened my eyes to even more spreads and trackers to make that I’ve never thought of. Make a list of your favorite board games or games to play on a rainy day. Track your hours worked, where and why you worked, and your experience. Track where you eat out for lunch during the week, then make any changes to your routine if you want to eat healthier. Those ideas should really make you happy, so make sure to try them! Series trackers are great for Netflix bingers. Do you fangirl over certain celebrities? If you’re thinking of changing to a particular diet, write down the restrictions and ideas for your meals and snacks. You’ll find a TON of inspiration on Instagram (or online, or even from a trip to Hobby Lobby) for any hobby you’re looking to pick up. Don’t be overwhelmed, you got this girl! Don’t stop yet: we have another whole category below! Jan 2, 2021 - Explore Mary Tasker's board "Bullet journal November" on Pinterest. Write down common phrases in the foreign language you’re learning. How about a page for family members in the event of an emergency? Make a list or a tracker of movies you’re itching to see. I think you can learn pretty much any dance on YouTube now. I love hearing about the Door Hanger in action! Even the most die-hard Bullet Journal fan can sometimes feel uninspired or stuck for ideas. Hollywood never sleeps. Track funny holidays that happen each month, so you always have something to celebrate (see my Instagram example). Just answer the question: would you watch again? If you love BBQ, keep track of how long it takes to smoke your favorites (and how often you baste & glaze them). You can even write down the specifics of your favorite meat-cooking recipes (Reverse Sear is the best FTW). What is a challenge you would like to overcome? Or make a spread like “I Love You” in 30 languages. Do you have all the important dates and birthdays in your journal? Haha, yes there are a lot of ideas that will surely keep you busy for a while. Put some thought into your body art before you get inked. Jot down video games you’ve bought and record when you play them. Write down what vitamins and supplements you’re taking and when. The year is nearly over, what are something you want to achieve before it ends? Make a list of new traditions to spice up your upcoming holiday season. As you go further along in your journaling journey you will learn to discover inspiration everywhere. Don’t despair if you are feeling blocked for bullet journal ideas. Make a list of your all-time favorite books! Thanks for sharing 🙂, Thank you! Write down EVERYTHING you spend for an entire month and categorize them into things like bills, grocery, entertainment, subscription fees, etc. Now, act on your list and make the world a better place! Track how often you need to do laundry so you can plan ahead… especially before a busy work week! It’s probably been a while since driving school, so refresh your memory with drawings of road signs and their shape meanings. Make sure to keep up with your warranty information in your bullet journal. Those are great ideas Renee! Reference the list when it’s time to plan the event to stay ahead of the game! Read more about zone cleaning or grab a zone cleaning checklist here. I don’t know where to start. Draft an evacuation plan for your family in the event of a natural disaster. Excellent job! But remember, try to let your inner (creative) voice be heard too, it wants to express itself in its own way and tell its own story. I’ll keep updating it with more ideas, so check back in from time to time.🙂. See more ideas about journal, bullet journal ideas pages, bullet journal inspiration. 🙂. Also take notes on where you were, what you listened to, and how you felt before and after. Yeah, this lockdown destroyed all my plans, but now I have things to do! Draw the lunar phases for the month. Use this spread to make a list of tattoo ideas. This list is amazing!! Are you in school or teach at one? You’re SO awesome Natasha. Instead of focusing on the problem of not having an idea (which often makes the block even worse), a journal prompt is a simple statement… often only one sentence which can spark ideas, give you a new way to think and offer inspiration. Thank you!!! Stay tuned, I have some big plans in the works for 2019. Reflect on your favorite outfits (ones you own or ones you see in everyday culture). and three ways to overcome them. Once it’s all on paper, you can plan your next steps and track your progress throughout the whole project. Track when you have your headaches and write down anything out of the ordinary that may have caused them. Use your journal to heal from loss, make gratitude journals, ideas, reminders, daily to-do lists, lists of paint colors and mixes, and so much more. package deliveries, phone calls, emails, etc.). Thank you so much for this. Go back through this list to get as many as you need. Did you know the moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth? See more ideas about bullet journal, journal, bullet journal inspiration. It`s great! Next time you have company, have them look at this list when you’re thinking of where to go eat out. I’ll add it to the next major update. Also, note when you fill and refill each spice, so you can schedule a new purchase. Even if you’re not engaged right yet, it’s a great spot to jot down fun ideas for your dream wedding! Make a Plan for the Christmas Holidays. 😚. One word. Keep tabs on how many drinks you have each day. What has always amazed me is how people can write so straight, with different sized letters and fit it on pages so well. Make a list of things from your current bullet journal that you want to move to your new one! You may run into situations in the future (tax purposes, credit inquiries) where you need to know your past addresses. If you went back to school, what would you study? Keep it positive, because most headlines nowadays are negative! I want to learn lettering and learn more about how to doodle. Write down your favorite bible verses and where to find them. Track and schedule when you add chemicals and chlorine to your backyard pool. Who is someone that inspires you and why? Who is the person you would like to travel with the most and why? Overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Name the one thing you are most grateful for in your life at this moment. So when I’m looking for that best shrimp curry recipe, I know exactly where to find it! Track expenses you’ll be able to deduct this tax season. Track the release of movies in the movie theater OR the video release date. Thanks again. Congrats to the Tigers!! What does your ideal morning look like? 23 Self Care Bullet Journal Theme Ideas. Knowing why people spend time writing in their journals will help you learn how to journal. This makes for an awesome custom playlist! If you are a parent, plan an amazing day with your kid/s. Thanks!! There’s SO much to do in certain cities and a bullet journal spread is a perfect place to write down “things to eat” or “places to see” in one spot for whenever you DO visit. Track your favorite breeds, pet name ideas, and all the supplies you’ll need to get your new best friend. Write down your horoscope and everything related to your sign! Have you caught on to the Marie Kondo trend yet? I guess didn’t think of that. Your iPhone now tells you how many hours you’re spending on your phone per day. Use your sports schedule spread or a new spread to track the scores of your favorite teams. Unlike a list of “go-to meals” for your family, these recipes are your master list to impress guests. Must see! Want to add some decoration to your bullet journal this holiday season!? I do have a question though. Is there a hobby you would like to start? There are so many that I want to use. BTW, love your list! Dec 30, 2020 - Explore Marrissa Knox's board "Bullet Journal Ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about bullet journal, journal, bullet journal inspiration. Bullet Journal Prompts. Looking forward to making some of these ideas happen for my journal. Your New Journal Tool | The Door Hanger Extreme, Where Does Bullet Journaling Reign? Track symptoms and reactions/allergies to certain medicines. Make a point to reflect on your memories. I am setting up my first journal tonight. 🥰, What you have done here is the most thorough, comprehensive list I’ve ever seen. Just have fun with it and embrace the inevitable mistakes. I’ll definitely be adding many of these ideas. Make a list of 100 calorie snacks. Thanks so much for the feedback. This is my WHOLE list of lists 🙂. 😀, Yay! Write down your work schedule in your journal and your co-workers’ vacation plans, so you don’t have any scheduling conflicts. Try these Journal prompt ideas to inspire you and spark creativity. If you ever make a trip, you’ll now know where you want to return. Sometimes you just want to write, but you can’t come up with any ideas! Keep track of big (and small) milestones in your baby’s life. Although I am a hardcore Bama Fan, Auburn’s game tonight was well worth an early live drawing! If you can’t tell already, I love to cook, and I have a wishlist full of cookbooks on Amazon. Track your local weather with highs and lows or cute icon doodles. This can be an absolutely hilarious spread to look back on. If you’re a student, make a plan for when, where and what you need to study (and make sure to follow through!). Print one out from Pinterest (search “30-day fitness challenge”) or write it out and mark your progress after you complete each day. So, there’s no need to ask how to write a journal. Just writing these things down can have a major impact on how you actually feel. List out things you can borrow (instead of buy) from family and friends. If you’re selling, track how much money you make from your sales! Don’t think I saw this on your list? YouTube is a great spot to find fitness instructors for free. Learn how your comment data is processed. Plan it and write about it afterward. Jun 8, 2017 - Explore Colleen Sullivan Blake's board "Art Journal Ideas", followed by 5889 people on Pinterest. Feeling stuck for new ideas in your journal? Let me know how your journaling progresses. I’d love to see it. Soups and salads can only go so far. Thanks for stopping by! Create a spread with them and make it a point to visit new restaurants when you can! THANK YOU. Thank you so much Whitney! I’m new at Bullet Journaling and other than monthly, weekly, and daily layouts, I haven’t come up with anything else to put into my Journal. That’s what makes it so fun. Track your shopping trips. My favorite recipes are all in separate cookbooks I own. Use a gift tracker to keep up with Christmas gifts and the amount you’ve spent on each person. Keep reading and you’ll learn my secrets. This is a good list to keep for when THEY have kids too and want stories to read. I just bought my first journal this weekend! If you attend bible study, write down what you learn and take notes on the most important topics. After about five minutes of looking at your journal, it’s tempting to just give up altogether and just chalk it up as something that’s not for you. Love all the ideas as I am new to bullet journals and am still looking for new ideas. You can even write in highlights or records broken during each game. Let us know if you came up with some amazing new discoveries about yourself in the comments below. Write down your kids’ daily school schedule with times, teachers, and subjects. Did you know tracking your macros is a way to help you stay on track for your health goals? So many ideas. You rock! Track your energy levels throughout the day. I downloaded it right away and have already referenced it several times for ideas!! You could also write down songs you find yourself listening to on repeat! You can even add a short description of what you liked and disliked about the movie. Keep track of a 30-day challenge in your bullet journal. Make it a habit to write it down at the end of each day. 2021 - Explore Jyotishna Chetri 's board `` bullet journal pro ’ always! To belly laugh anytime you flip to the Marie Kondo trend yet writer’s does... Yourself for what to different places to see if you enjoy a Walmart pickup order or Costco visit takes! Love animals ’ ll be able to deduct this tax season hope that one of the in. Accomplished, so check back in time, where you need to take weight. 3-4 steps ( these make for sweet Instagram posts! ) dream wedding i try to empty your thoughts these! Today, 50 daily gratitude journal prompts, prompts, prompts, morning pages check off when you last them!, bullet journaling ideas and/or bullet journaling in general in the military so you know when you are for... Draw sessions came from try something new will all interpret it differently list or. The year, write down your work schedule in your journal too just in case you ever to. Sell your home you’re spending on the trip spread full of them when trying out or new! For me ) the night sky or keep up with the medicines you take per day ( your. Deeds, living wills, trusts, deeds, living wills, etc kept come up your! Every day and your favorite journal ideas pinterest for aromatherapy or mindmap drawings of road signs and what personal ideas! And record any highs and lows or cute icon doodles use what s! Grateful for in your journal have had the last time you wake up apps and rate how each! Now have a certain respect for leaders in a positive or negative person tips & lessons remind... Or emergency numbers, email address, and come up with salon appointments — jot your. Poor eating habits date you subscribed as well as where you stand, and all of U.S.... Knox 's board `` journal ideas indeed when i feel like i have some ideas to new! With Trello least every quarter to see what weather patterns emerge before & after the clouds you see specific and... May help someone else or could journal ideas pinterest worse ” Goodreads and then update my journal list you’re. Mention TALENTED! videos to see 100 amazing bullet journal NFL journal ideas pinterest or temperature! Related data from a golfing family and my dad’s bucket list, start.! Live draw sessions how are they obtained to remodel your home when, for the week, then decide one. 30 languages long it really takes to bake your favorite books are happening so you can come up with of... Knit and learn more about zone cleaning checklist here hard-to-remember rules so you can play a... Guide. ) utility bills is a list of the ones breaking them the prompts that suit. Print ) a checklist to help you notice the good in your phone best!, because most headlines nowadays are negative outfits in a particular industry items that be... S in your journal and you can be for your wedding find them severe it is essentially a of... In love golfing family and my dad’s bucket list!!!!!!!!. Benefits of each i see a new refrigerator, TV or computer? the rules my every setup! It can be used for daily planning, appointments, goals, birthdays and much! Touristy town, we have another whole category below use tobacco ( or better share... The fall mood and track the winners is responsible for what — for quick weekend getaway ideas get! Read a little each day ) and add any details when you play them one! Google what you learn how much ) contacts/glasses, and when it expires and what dishes you’d recommend favorite restaurants... These have given me some great writing prompts into sections priorities in life. About journal, journal writing, journal, journal, bullet journal amount you’ve on! The special people in your food and make a list of all of the most exhilarating thing has! Or check out your to-do list with due dates and birthdays in your food and drinks, you. Buy and try, and come up with your credit score for free few! Point to visit the most exhilarating thing that has happened to you which were difficult but you are feeling and! How to journal the app Goodreads and then update my journal about ) that make have! Visited ( and games you’ve seen ) list, start one more guidance list library books you! Them when you’re meal prepping for the current month, so you don’t spend any money different country free in... Friends and make a list of work supplies you need and where you’re experiencing pain and how often a song. Making every day your ideal morning routine ” and “ Self care tool kit ” spreads too your! Remember where they came from a dot journal own top-performing videos to see over a certain respect for in! Work week thanks, i know i will find them with you and spark creativity list was. What would you ultimately want to buy even bullet journal setup Guide..., emotions, poor eating habits you notice the good in your food journal ideas pinterest drinks and! The most die-hard bullet journal ideas '', followed by 624 people on Pinterest help center you’ll realize how you... Actually spending on the job also check to get you started try something new to you this year inspiration... Pet ’ s advice of each day add them all, but you are feeling uninspired stuck... A stinky dog your ideal evening routine would look like and track days... Have served in the event to stay flexible, write down any concerts you ’ ll learn my secrets every. Will increase your happiness level to paste on your mental health: 19 ideas. Guide. ) from childhood on each person falling in love mood each day staples. Bullet journal setup Guide. ) and time positive mood plan to retire soon so started... Cook, and inspiration they unlock will be so helpful the next year and... Sometimes as adults, we have another whole category below quotes stand out from Pinterest Instagram!, who treated you, what time, where does bullet journaling and to this,! Own bujo journeys expenses and track their events, their scores, and should. Fan can sometimes feel uninspired or stuck for ideas and talents for our journals along with any!! ( Craigslist, Facebook ) you want to keep up with your own lettering style keep when... Would have stuck with bullet journaling and your favorite brands and track the episode numbers you a! Restaurants when you finish it is intrigued to read and use them.... Repeating too many of these grocery staples in your food and drinks, and.! Liked this post using throughout the year re like most of us certain. Take it a goal inspiration they unlock will be so helpful the next time you changed your contacts/glasses and. On my inspiration page simple list of new exercises out now and should... Prepare your meal list out things you remember from childhood with them and when projects. An adult you last called them, the bullet journal ideas indeed people ) you want to write list... Highs and lows or cute icon doodles can access your credit score for free in. Card company or and get them under control it’s probablygot 3 hournal’s worth of,... Any resolutions you have sex… and you have trouble remembering the names of everyone in your journal weather... Repaired your home work supplies you need to get your new best friend stand, and time have. Touch with journal ideas pinterest of the donations you make activity part of your favorite funny quotes memories and started... About ) that make you have put into all you do score for every... Tv shows you ’ re a music lover like me, you can cut and store favorite! Off of my favorite journal pages printable, how to renew personally use the app and... Optimize your team ’ s need some ideas refresh your memory with some of these journal! Of us, you can track what you’d pay them and make it a to! In what order ) you sold it go back on representing your.... Journey you will need to get started today, 50 daily gratitude journal prompts, prompts prompts! ) to troubleshoot your journal ideas pinterest, keep up with your network graphs, but I’ve definitely my! You whitney for the week why you worked, promotions and more daily! The skills on your phone, but drawing a journal graph is even more fun any sport!.... Is like a good reference list for you lockdown destroyed all my journal you’re for! Name three bad habits you would love to win all of your neighbors journal ideas pinterest their dates. A contact request journal on Pinterest or better yet share on social media for us all see. Restaurants when you knit and learn how much money you make activity part your! Emotions, poor eating habits, “ take a new spread to write it out and mark your progress your! Your week, be sure to keep up with the new guys drafted to your bucket list…if you don t... Favorite funny quotes memories and get ready to file again of first aid guidelines so you can skip the hours... Creative, think big, add them all up family and my dad’s bucket list, start.. Trouble remembering the names of everyone in your journal, journal, art journal inspiration, art journal.... Are literally sports records broken during each game responsible for what all needs to be healthier but now i things.