Verb To extinguish, to stop a process, to kill, to rub out. They stop playing,(, 14 Greedy heirs waited for the old man to, 16 In 1996 a royal commission concluded that the problem went beyond attempts to, 17 How could anyone be so evil that they could, 18 I jumped up in fright and in the process knocked the, 19 As it inveighs against Colonel Qaddafi, its Saudi allies have helped, 20 A bruised reed He will not break,[] and a smoldering wick He will not, 21 Soaring borrowing costs would be a sure way to. 0. He appears to find perverse sexual gratification out of encouraging Othello to strangle Desdemona, as if he was anticipating a snuff movie! Measured by the value of the product, flour and grist mill products rose from third in rank in 1900 to first in rank in 1905, from $13,017,043 to $18,007,786, or 38.3%; and chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff fell during the same period from first to third in rank, from $14,948,192 to $13,117,000, or 12.3%; in 1900 Kentucky was second, in 1905 third, among the states in the value of this product. 2. Start your flow, it’s your show, ‘else it’s paycheck, rain check, your own shipwreck, No, mamma, I will never become a sceptic, to be snuffed out of existence. How to use snuffle in a sentence. At the young age of 23, her life was snuffedby the president of her official fan club, Yolanda Saldivar. The only actor worth his snuff in this movie is Jack Nickelson because he's the only person who is portraying a character rather than acting out a part. As the New Town expanded, the Heriot Trust - whose revenues were greatly benefited thereby - erected day-schools in different districts, in which thousands of infants and older children received a free education, and, in 1 James Gillespie (1726-1797) was a tobacco and snuff manufacturer, and when he set up his carriage Henry Erskine suggested as a motto the homely couplet " Wha wad hae thocht it, That noses wad bocht it? How to use blot out in a sentence. The rapid extension of tobacco culture was accompanied by a corresponding growth in the manufacture of chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff, and some of the brands have a wide reputation. When you write about more than one of anything, you usually use the same word, simply adding an s, es, or ies to the end. 0. Along with very serious health risks, chewing tobacco or using snuff can have other unattractive effects. Example sentences with "snuff", translation memory add example en • “The use of chewing tobacco or snuff increases risk of cancer of the mouth, larynx, throat, and esophagus and is a highly addictive habit.” In his later years an old blue uniform with red facings was his usual dress, and on his breast was generally some Spanish snuff, of which he consumed large quantities. See to put out, under put, intransitive verb; To crop the snuff of, as a candle; take off the end of the snuff from. My horse prefers to wear an English saddle. 22 sentence examples: 1. And, just like with cigarettes, using snuff or chew can become a habit that's as hard to kick as the physical addiction. To extinguish something, especially a flame. ; The guys attacked the pile of nachos, their fingers getting the last bit of cheese off the plate. Other branches of industry include carpet-weaving at Deventer, the distillation of brandy, gin and liqueurs at Schiedam, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and beer-brewing in most of the principal towns; shoe-making and leather-tanning in the Langstraat district of North Brabant; paper-making at Apeldoorn, on the Zaan, and in Limburg; the manufacture of earthenware and faience at Maastricht, the Hague and Delft, as well as at Utrecht, Purmerend and Makkum; clay pipes and stearine candles at Gouda; margarine at Osch; chocolate at Weesp and on the Zaan; mat-plaiting and broom-making at Genemuiden and Blokzyl; diamondcutting and the manufacture of quinine at Amsterdam; and the making of cigars and snuff at Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Kampen, &c. Shipbuilding is of no small importance in Holland, not only in the greater, but also in the smaller towns along the rivers and canals. What does snuffs us out expression mean? Blot out definition is - to make obscure, insignificant, or inconsequential. The firemen arrived at the scene within minutes and were able to snuff out the burning brush pile before it caused any real damage. Not to be sneezed at - not to be underrated or treated lightly taking snuff may induce sneezing. Snuff in a sentence 1. Learn more. By no stretch of fancy can the human mind connect together snuff and diamonds and wax and loose clockwork. The chief are tanning, fellmongery, wool-washing, bacon-curing, flour milling, brewing, iron-founding, brick-making, soap-boiling, the manufacture of pottery, candles, cheese, cigars, snuff, jams, biscuits, jewelry, furniture, boots, clothing and leather and woollen goods. Other industries include sugar refineries, soap, oil, glass, iron, dye and chemical works; distilleries, breweries, tanneries; tobacco and snuff factories; shipbuilding and the manufacture of machinery and stearine candles. Villa Rubein and Other Stories | … The city also manufactures cigars, cigarettes, snuff, a fertilizer having tobacco dust as the base, cotton goods, lumber, window sashes, blinds, drugs and hosiery. After a while he re-entered it as if to snuff the candles, and, seeing the prince was lying on the sofa, looked at him, noticed his perturbed face, shook his head, and going up to him silently kissed him on the shoulder and left the room without snuffing the candles or saying why he had entered. This is an example of polysyndeton, the overuse of conjunctions: in this case, the word "and" is used four times. snuff sb out definition: 1. to kill someone 2. to kill someone. Bob took her to work Monday. Heralded by the snuffle of the horses, light began glimmering over a chaos of lines and shadows, pale as mother-o'-pearl. Definition of snuffs us out in the Idioms Dictionary. Very few people take snuff nowadays. The kidney fat of all sheep and the skins of all goats slaughtered in the public yard are perquisites of government, the former being used for the manufacture of soap, which, with snuff, is a government monopoly. The chief industry is the manufacture of tobacco for smoking and chewing, of cigars and cigarettes and of snuff. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Natural Healing: If your sinuses are very congested then use herbal snuff to relieve the pressure. Snuffle definition is - to snuff or sniff usually audibly and repeatedly. Find out when to use a semicolon in a sentence with examples, semicolon vs colon, and when to use a semicolon in a list. Snuff and chewing tobacco snuff and chewing tobacco Snuff and chewing tobacco are not widely used in the UK, but are relatively common in mainland Europe. A fine kind of snuff, known as fuli, is manufactured here. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB The second article never appears, and in this way you snuff out the book between two promises. Troponyms (each of the following is one way to "snuff out"): stub (extinguish by crushing) douse; put out (put out, as of a candle or a light) black out (obliterate or extinguish) Sentence frames: Somebody ----s something Something ----s something Everyone who studies the effects of moist snuff comes up with the same conclusion. 82. Dean managed to whistle down a young boy who agreed to use his snow blower on Dean's unfinished sidewalk, for an amount Dean considered ridiculous, but he knew he needed to get up to snuff on Shipton's fall before he was totally on the defensive. Then came the end of the night with chants from the netball girls being " hot to go " and probably yet more snuff ! Find more similar words at! While it is principally manufactured for smoking, a large amount is also prepared for chewing, and, to a more limited extent, it is taken in the form of snuff. If your drawing skills aren't up to snuff, you'll be told you're not ready. All Rights Reserved. The three musicians stop playing. An example of snuff is to inhale smokeless tobacco. A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he leads justice to victory. 5. He's so old that he will snuff out one of these days. It is an ingredient in pot-pourri, is employed for flavouring beer and is chewed to clear the voice; and its volatile oil is employed by makers of snuff and aromatic vinegar. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. You stole my idea and didn’t give me any credit. Our grandparents gave us candy and our teeth are just fine. In the breast pocket of his cassock was a large silver snuff box, and he always wore a biretta. Synonyms for snuffed out include killed, blew away, blown away, bumped off, chilled, dispatched, disposed of, did away with, done away with and did in. I can, for example, take up my snuff box. She passed the valet, the snuff fell from the candle wick, and she saw Prince Andrew clearly with his arms outside the quilt, and such as she had always seen him. 2. The peculiar properties of snuff are dependent on the presence of free nicotine, free ammonia and the aromatic principles developed during fermentation. Singular Noun Examples. There were 467 tobacco factories reported in 1905 to be engaged in the manufacture of cigars, cheroots, cigarettes, snuff and cut tobaccos for the pipe. Rule 6. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. 1. informal Kill or put an end to in an abrupt or sudden manner. . First press play, then we’ll play.. It’s the same old game, just cut, next frame.. Shakespeare first, then Moli ère.. Tragedy to comedy, an act so raw to me. snuffs us out phrase. Will you please tell them to come in? He thought he was about to snuff it. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Learn more. There, snuff and cigars, and German pipes and flutes, and violins and violoncellos, divide the supremacy between them. A Distinguished Provincial at Paris Honore de Balzac She was good to me many a time, and give me snuff out of her box. An example of snuff is to stop a candle from burning. The woollen industries of Devizes have lost their prosperity; but there is a large grain trade, with engineering works, breweries, and manufactures of silk, snuff, tobacco and agricultural implements. add example. 4. In the following examples, the subject is in bold, the verb is in italics, and the object pronoun is in bold and is underlined. Synonyms and other words related to snuff out: Meet your meter: The "Restrict to meter" strip above will show you the related words that match a particular kind of metrical foot. My uncle took a pinch of snuff in the afternoon. Solanaceae), variously prepared for use as a narcotic. A plural noun is a word that indicates that there is more than one person, animal place, thing, or idea. snuff bottles from the eighteenth century are relatively rare. noun The burning part of a candle- or lamp-wick, or the part which has been charred by the flame, whether burning or not. Outside Bewdley, a snuff mill was created to grind the raw material, tobacco. He explained, corrected or commented till the clock struck nine; then, with the little finger of the right hand brushing from his coat and waistcoat the shower of superfluous snuff which had fallen on them, he pocketed his snuff-box, and resuming his hat, he as silently as when he came in made his exit by the door which I rushed to open for him.". 0. Keeper quickly off the line to snuff out any danger from Aonghas (also a defender playing up front ! Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: v. 1. put an end to; kill 2. put out, as of fires, flames, or lights. Blowing out the flicker quickly, the boy was able to snuff out the candle and hop into bed before his mother walked into the room. Context example: snuff out the candles. Even though she appeared austere, my teacher was a very kind woman. An innocent child's life has been snuffed out by this senseless shooting. Examples are: His tail between his legs, the dog walked out the door. If you do choose a cake that features some form of marine life, make sure to pick a decorator who is up to snuff, because the detail work involved can be significant and is easy to botch. Check out and contribute to the discussion of this word! To extinguish the flame, the wick is rolled all the way down into the chamber where the flames are snuffedout… . en I entered every contest of skill and daring in an attempt to snuff out my pathetic life. Coral snuff bottles from the eighteenth century are relatively rare. When you talk about more than one of anything, you’re using plural nouns. Example sentences with "snuff out", translation memory. She was a large lazy woman, fond of sniffing ground tobacco called snuff and drinking gin. Snuff quotes from YourDictionary: When they talked of their Raphaels,Correggios, and stuff, He shifted his trumpet, and only took snuff. The two women are ushered out of the room as Moore and Hart roll up their sleeves and snuff out the candle. The system uses halon gas to snuff out fire before it has a chance to spread. The salmonfishery and fish-curing are important branches of its trade; and it has also breweries and flour-mills and manufactures snuff and coarse linen. snuff something out. This type is favored by people who like to make their own snuff, a finely cut, smokeless tobacco product. 0. Not to be sneezed at - not to be underrated or treated lightly Taking snuff may induce sneezing. Maybe she decided to snuff him out, to keep him quiet. 0. If you have one of the latter instructors, your ballet vocabulary had better be up to snuff; otherwise you'll be left standing in the back wondering what a 'tendu' and a 'balancé' are. Sniff definition is - to inhale through the nose especially for smelling. See full dictionary entry for snuff In February 1998, the UK government announced a ban on the supply and sale of oral snuff under the 1987 Consumer Protection Act. To kill a living being. After these fits of irritability her face would grow yellow, and her maids knew by infallible symptoms when Belova would again be deaf, the snuff damp, and the countess' face yellow. Although the woman lit the lantern several times, strong wind gusts continued to snuff out the flame. Another word for snuff. The Sheepfold and the Common, Vol. Example sentences from the Web for snuffle. 2. The tobacco best suited for snuff-making Snuff. 2. Your mom is going to be upset about that broken lamp. verb. 22 Section of the orchestra. Sample Rap Lyrics. They do not represent the opinions of The boy had a baseball in his hand. Snuff out definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. 3. Snuff is defined as to put out the flame on a candle, or to inhale through the nose. ; Picnic basket in hand, she set off for her date. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: snuff [sth] out vtr phrasal sep phrasal verb, transitive, separable: Verb with adverb(s) or preposition(s), having special meaning, divisible--for example, "call off" [=cancel], "call the game off," "call off the game." The soft candlelight made the room’s décor less austere. 1 [transitive] snuff something (out) to stop a small flame from burning, especially by pressing it between your fingers or covering it with something synonym extinguish; 2 [intransitive, transitive] snuff (something) (of an animal) to smell something by breathing in noisily through the nose The dogs were snuffing gently at my feet. Snuff definition: Snuff is powdered tobacco which people take by breathing it in quickly through their... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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