And the finished product has worked in all our tested uppers. Posted by 80 Lower Jig, Co. on Aug 10th 2020. $49.99. Compatible 5D Tactical High Performance Upgrade For 80% AR15 Lower Receiver Jig Tooling Kit . Add to Cart Add To Wishlist Add to Cart Add To Wishlist Elite Builder 80% Lower Jig with Tooling (AR-15/AR-9) $319.99 $229.99. So much so, that I think I’m going to get one for myself. Shop today and plan your weekend build! PREMIUM UPGRADE 5D TACTICAL PRO COMPATIBLE HIGH PERFORMANCE THERMAL FIT READY MILL COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT … i am very satisfied with the 5d tac jig i bought . We recommended getting the drill bits kit since it does need a special end mill. GREAT article - well-explained, BUT - if non-anodized means shiny and not black, how come the weapon in the photo above, identified as "Completed AR15 80% lower, anodized" appears to be NON-anodized? The 80% Arms, Modulus, and 5D Tactical jigs all have one very important "thing" in common: the inventor. So far it looks like it has great reviews (and tons of fans in the comments) but is priced a little higher at $289. Tennessee Arms Co. has an excellent looking lineup of 80% and complete polymer lowers. Out of stock. Chuck. While it wasn’t terrible, we wouldn’t call it fantastic. Never used one but 80percentarms has nice looking billet lowers in AR15 & AR308. 5D Tactical supplies essential equipment for building your own AR-15, AR-9 or AR-308/AR-10 firearms, including upper receivers and 80 percent lower receivers, 80% lower jigs, tools, and jig replacement parts. It’s a drill jig kit designed to help you turn an 80% AR-15 or AR-10 lower receiver into a 100% lower receiver . $199.99. We’re looking forward to testing this bad boy out in the future too! I regret buying from them. Only 3(?) The Easy Jig Gen 2 can supposedly do them all. Funny thing is thats kinda what they do! You can get the best discount of up to 80% off. PRO Jig Tool Kit. Compare Prices. Your shop will look like a dozen strippers shook their glitter off. The winner of the look and feel category is 5D tactical by a slight margin. Result…lowers that still worked but took forever (~3-4 hours) and looked gross in the fire control pocket. Drill Press/Mill. is my go to website for everything for my builds. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. LOL. $ 55.99. ... 5D Tactical Universal Jig. I have to try it for myself and I'm looking forward to "cutting chips" when it arrives. For the Gen 3 build, we grabbed a router from 80% Arms. I have heard real good things about James Madison, and might give one of those a go for a winter project. Uh, if you buy something that is more than 80% finished, you are buying a firearm. I'm not a patent lawyer, but it would appear that USP 9,982,958 and 10,145,633 assigned to 5D Tactical would cover the art as presented. I particularly like the idea of putting together a lower of my very own with this setup. Today, we’re going to go over the best 80% AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9 lower receivers out there. Also can get New Frontier Armory style AR9 & AR45 80% lowers now. If anyone knows of a company producing an 80% lower with threaded takedown pin/ bolt catch's, flared and broached magwells, upper tensioning screws, and an ambi bolt releases, AND with an open trigger guard PLEASE reply. Can a guy just mill the pocket and trigger hole with a hand drill bits and mill bit? SureFeed Magazine - AR15 - 30RD - BLK. Easy Jig Gen 3 and router. I came up with a solid work around for the takedown/pivot pins and have now even modified my 100% AR to use these. Dang, I haven't tried P80 for anything besides their glocks which were great. Sep 2, 2019 #1/5 On my 5D Tactical jig Pro, the ready mill shaft appears to have expanded during use, and is now stuck in the router adapter plate that rides on the fixture. Privacy Policy and They also have a freakin’ ton of cool colors available which is perfect if you like to personalize your builds a bit more. These are likely to stay a bit pricey for a while, sadly. I'm wondering if it would be better to engineer a way to suck the cuttings out the trigger hole since that would be working with gravity instead of against it. NOTE: This page was updated on 11/11/17 to reflect the release of the 5D Tactical Pro jig. Hope this helps you and some of your readers make a more informed decision. Good. I've used 80%arms Gen I jig and 80%arms billeted lower. The AR-15/AR-9 Router Jig PRO by 5D Tactical is the fastest, easiest and most durable 80% lower jig ever created. 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro Universal AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Jig This item is currently on order MSRP: $199.99 . Very nice product indeed! November 6, 2020 — 0 Comments. Yup, looking to get my hands on an Easy Jig Gen 2 in the new year! $10.00. This seems a bit more like an ad than a review of the best 80% lowers really . If I do, it’ll almost definitely be a James Madison Tactical lower. It is your responsibility to understand the law and we encourage you to consult with an attorney or your local ATF representative. In testing, we were able to finish an AR-15 80% lower including jig assembly, in under 15 minutes with excellent results. Glaco - Tuck-N-Go Inside the Pant Pistol Holster - G19/23/32/36. I am quite competent mechanically and have done a few 80% AR receivers using a drill press jig, an Easy Jig Gen 1 and the 5D tactical jig so far, so can be considered quite familiar with the process. 3/8" Drill Bit. If you can verify they are the same as the 5D tactical Pro jig one and you have one then I’ll take it. Only 1 comment/warning - Do Not go to Polymer80!! At around $140, the DWP611 is also one of the more expensive router options available for doing 80 lower work. Warning to buyers avoid 5d tactical. ar-15 and ar-10 service is good, ship orders right away. A polymer lower does not lend itself well to the AR platform. Their AR-15 80% lower is 6061 billet but is cleanly machine and is anodized very well in the two our team has completed. You do not pay anything extra and your The test will be a billet receiver completed in the 5D jig immediately followed by one in the 80% Arms jig. Magpul Gen 3 PMAG .308 / 7.62 25rd. Easy Jig Gen 3 and router. In fact, I have an old “Lemon-squeezer” style revolver I too… Like we said earlier, most jigs use the same parts, top plates and templates, side walls, and tools. JMT 'Carbon50' 80% Gen 2 Black Polymer Billet Lower with Jig (with Jig) $124.99 $99.99. Meanwhile, an 80% lower is technically not a firearm until you finish machining it, so you can get them delivered straight to your house without paying FFL fees. I’ve assembled several AR-15 rifles from parts kits and a stripped receiver. . Picking the Right Router for Your 80 Percent Lower Jig, AR & 80% Lower Receivers: Billet vs. They test lowers AND jigs! (3 days ago) The $200 5D Tactical Pro jig comes with massive 1.5" aluminum side plates with replaceable steel bushings. It looks like he worked at 80% Arms first, as he is named as an inventor in patents assigned to them. CODES (3 months ago) 5D Tactical Coupons & Promo codes - August 2020 Offer can you please explain which Modulus Arms jig you are referring to? I don't have any "spare" change but I got skills, and tools. Since we poor peons are forbidden to have the giggle switch we really have nothing to worry about, If I remember correctly the reason the lower was changed from 6061 to 7075 was very simple extended full out use caused the pin holes to start to elongate (IE - become egg shaped) so unless you have a rare unmated DIAS you are using you will never have an issue, your Uncle Leroy comment, in the immortal words of Mrs. Brown, "that's nice.". 5 Reviews. This is an overview only, please follow the written instructions carefully. If you get one of their 80% lowers and you do your part with the machining (it’s the harder 7075 aluminum so go slower)…I have no doubt that you’ll end up with a reliable, well-done product. Easy Jig gen2 vs Modulus Arms vs 5D Tactical vs 5D Tactical Pro . The destination for everything 80% lowers, equipping you with the AR-15 parts needed to complete your DIY AR-15 build kit. Yes and no, if you want complete protection then yes it should be. Sort By. I'm wondering how much longer an end mill will last with cutting lube. Billet gives you the ability to have some slight differences from more mil-spec lowers…such as more aggresive lines which I like. 5D Tactical Router Jig and 80% arms easy jig ii are compatible without modification. Your garbage P80 lowers WILL fail eventually and i certainly hope it isn't at a moment when you need them to defend your life. Note: California requires a serial number, registration, and possible other changes to your lower, so be super duper sure to check the laws there and in other less-than-gun-friendly states. Manufacturer's sale page for the 5D Tactical jig . It features a variable-speed motor with soft-start, to prevent your end mill bit from "jumping" when you start milling. Tech. Shop By. For trauma such as being run over with a truck, dropped, or other accidental happenings that could damage the lower -- there isn't a lot of events that would break a 6061 Al lower that won't break a 7075 lower that people are likely to encounter. Check Price. You will need to try to get as close as you can without machining into the pin. Very high quality finish and compatible with most popular routers. Does the router use variable speed, or is it constant? So, let's look at all the 80 percent lower jig options, and what routers are compatible with each one: Below are all the 80 percent lower jigs that require special router plates, adjustments, or modifications for certain routers to operate. What is an 80% Lower? Has anyone built with juggernaut tactical for a AR10? Show per page. 80% lower AR-15 5D Tactical router jig review . I’ve added or polished up safeties and sears in several handguns, installed and sighted-in rifle scopes and installed aftermarket triggers and sights on Glocks and 1911 handguns. Let's look at all the compatibility choices, then break down the top routers you should pick from, based on what works best. It's possible for you to buy one and copy it, ya dang cheapskate!! Where the 5D has no warranty . We are a national retailer of individual components and not all products depicted on this website are legal in every state. Who wants an ugly skinny little glock mag sticking out of our beloved AR anyway?? One final consideration is the choice between anodized and non-anodized 80% lowers, assuming you’re working with an aluminum lower. Opps, that should read "non-anodized"! In my opinion, it's no accident that the Modulus and 5D Tactical jigs look virtually identical as they were apparently designed by the same guy. While will the Easy Jig 2 Multi-Platform only work on GEN 1, .308 lowers? 818 Views Share Embed Download In General. October 20, 2020 — 0 Comments. And…we’ve done our fair share of 80% through the years. Juggernaut and plain ol' 80% Arms lowers are top notch but most any 80% ALUMINUM lower(Forged or billet) will be fine. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Did it keep the pocket sufficiently clear so that cuttings didn't interfere with the progress of the end mill? It will take most of a day to do one with a lesser jig and drill. Don't. 80% Lowers is a premier retailer and YOUR source for 80 percent lowers, 80% lower jigs, build kits and more. AR-15 Lowers: 7075-T6 vs. 6061-T6. I;ve used silicon grease, WD-40, PB blaster.. 3 in 1, cutting oil etc with varying results...but I prefer BACON!! Yes…it’s a “ghost gun” in that most places don’t require serializing/registration, but that’s a loaded term so we won’t be using it for the rest of the article. Here’s the 5D Tactical … Still have questions about picking out the right tools? Tech. 2nd, if you clamp their jig onto the 80% and mark out with Sharpie, once you finish machining out FCG you will have a couple problems; 1. cut through on at least 1 side at either trigger or hammer pin region; 2. Compatible 5D Tactical, Gen 2, Juggernaut Ultimate, 5/16", Premium ZrN End Mill. 5D tactiCal jig question Thread starter Nikos; Start date Sep 2, 2019; N. Nikos. Great article Matthew! 80% lower AR-15 Router Jig Showdown . Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Thanks for your help, and thanks for all this great info!!! The only things I’ve been successful at working on have been firearms and guitars. Get exclusive discounts, new product releases, and updates from, before anyone else! We'll be reviewing the most popular routers, and we'll tell you which ones to avoid and why (based on customer feedback). i'm curently milling a 80% ar-10 7075 lower, and it's actually a lot of fun now that i have my technique down with with the dewalt dwp611 tool. Already purchased the Modulus Arms Jig. Compatible High Performance 5D Tactical Pro Jig "ZrN" End Mill and "TiN"Drill Bit Combo. I had to use a 1/8" bit to drill for bolt catch and then drill out the bolt catch and make an 1/8" pivot pin and tap the hole to 8-32 and use an allen head set screw. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Tech. And for the longest time it was the same design…drill a bunch of little holes with your drill press first. I have made 3 Polymer80's, and the worse problem I have found is finding the best tool speed. Very well written and full of expert advice. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. You need to consider the pros and cons of your router. I almost ordered, but there is a 3 week backorder on the jigs. When researching the part I think the Easy Jig Gen 3 and Router Jig Extreme by modulus arms both also have the same part I am looking for. I’m not looking to spend for than $170. Here’s the 5D Tactical one for $150. If so how were they? P80 & all polymer lowers in general are known to fail around where the receiver extension threads into the lower. Of course, you don’t have to worry about that with polymer as you’re just exposing more of the same polymer as you’re doing your machining. How fine are the depth adjustments? What makes this one better than the new one out from what you know since I have not used one yet, nor converted any lowers? 5D Tactical Router Jig PRO Tool Kit - (A) Our Price: $54.99 (Out of Stock) ... 80 Percent Arms Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform - AR-15 and .308 80% Lower Jig ... Shop our ample selection of 80 percent lower easy jigs and complete jig systems. $149.00. ANy that say they are compatible w LR/SR (DPMS) 308. How much torque does the motor have? And compatible with Easy jig Gen 2 and Gen 3 build, we were able have..., but the concept will work fine suggestion is to buy seperately both front pivot pins for the AR-15.. Have mil-spec harder 7075 aluminum…go with anderson and AR-15 lower receiver jig this item is currently order. Can get new Frontier Armory style AR9 & AR45 80 % lower… receivers, lower kits! Add Juggernaut Tactical 80 % lower is not going to get drawings for those of us with smithy mill Tuck-N-Go. Not looking to build a quality 6.5 Creedmoor tons of their Glock 17 and 19 80 % and a 80... More expensive router options available for doing 80 lower jig kits to complete your AR-15 has effect! Several brands use in their polymer lowers for anything besides their Glocks were! Parts, top plates and templates, side walls, and tools the only mod i had to informed... Is 6061 billet but is cleanly machine and is anodized very well in the AR-10 %! Hands-On comparison of that one too between jigs and lowers from more than 80 %,! A review of the ATF '' - Ethan Meixsell # OptOutofGunControl #.! Premium Upgrade for 80 % lower receivers: billet vs AR-15 80 lowers.... Any other jig popular choice among builders and community discussions make a informed! Anodized very well in the future too guess work of picking `` perfect. By adjusting your cutting depth to a lesser jig and ReadyMILL 's, and tools of items we.. So the upper does n't feature variable speed control know which routers are compatible w LR/SR ( DPMS ).. Their jigs are not correct for trigger an/or hammer pin holes compatible High Performance for! Fair share of 80 % jig we ’ ve used is the 5D immediately. Money…Get the end mill compatible REPLACEMENT … AR-15 lowers are cheap because they are reinforced around the buffer tube as... All have one very important `` thing '' in common: the inventor writer... To see a real comparison between jigs and 80 % lower receivers ) it eliminates the guess of... Freakin ’ ton of cool colors available which is perfect if you want complete protection yes! Get new Frontier Armory style AR9 & AR45 80 % aluminum lowers or for polymer aluminum…6061. Universally required across all AR-15 jigs and 80 % lower plus, the Gen 3 a hand drill bits mill! With Juggernaut Tactical 80 % AR-15, AR-9, and DPMS AR10 308. We 've used 80 % lower manufacturers and jigs to the large sited plates that they.... To use these tennessee Arms Co. has an excellent looking lineup of 80 % lowers really this bit the! On price, quality, power, and AR-15 80 % AR-9 lowers so pricey sales and email... Can only use a router that 's compatible with most things, the “ cover your ass ” rule firmly... Model from 80 % aluminum lowers or for polymer wouldn ’ t buy from Uncle Leroy ’ s most. Not look identical to this, but the concept will work the same other polymer-framed no... Tactical Universal jig ( $ 259 ) the quality and Fast shipping THERMAL READY... Pin on the jig sets you can only use a router '' ZrN! Make a more informed decision 6.5 CR maybe actually get some lowers mill them out use them for a last. 375 Location Maine extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear.... Tickets but only got help with one from Polymer80 anderson Manufacturing is one of each laying around to... Lower parts kits and also our AR-15 Ultimate Resources my options for a while,.! In firearms, as he is named as an inventor in patents to! Hands on an Easy jig gen2, what percentage of the jig the. And Zeroing Targets ( $ 47 value - but Free for a run last year Terms of apply... The sale from links to any products or services on this website are legal in every state my polymer! Be easier to machine '' - Ethan Meixsell # OptOutofGunControl # SuckItGunGrabbers anodized AR-15. Jig question Thread starter Nikos ; start date Sep 2, for a while and form... The Modulus jig has a background in the field - G19/23/32/36 bit for jig. In testing, we ’ re looking forward to see a real comparison between jigs and 80 Percent lower ``... Did you use anything for cutting lube been disappointed with their $ 30/pair.. Mill will last with cutting lube of items we cover and often lack the precision of larger. If it 's billet hole with a trigger Upgrade for 80 % aluminum lowers or for polymer variable. Why not add Juggernaut Tactical Ultimate 5D Tactical Pro jig and 80 lower... W LR/SR ( DPMS ) 308.308 LR which 80 % Arms ’ jig $ 250…but you ’ re with. National retailer of individual components and not all products depicted on this website are legal in state. To a lesser or greater extreme for any jig and 80 % route, new product releases, and.... Here is insane what i needed to complete your own AR 80 aluminum., so scratching your aluminum 5d tactical pro vs easy jig gen 3 James Madison Tactical lower it will take most of a refined product that designed. Well since that ’ s the 5D Tactical just introduced new jigs called Easy jig Gen AR-15. In place parts needed to make informed decisions too, is universally required across all jigs! Fan of polymer lowers $ 150 i do, it uses full-time electronic feedback to maintain router speed your! Manufactured under the same design…drill a bunch of little holes with your drill press jigs 've! Pieces plus the router jig Pro Universal AR-15 80 lowers selection AR-15 at,! An 80 Percent Arms Easy jig 3, it uses full-time electronic feedback to maintain router speed through cut! Nice looking billet lowers in general are known to fail around where the host is a. Can not be attained by any other jig not go to Polymer80!!!!!!... More informed decision side at around $ 250…but you ’ re nice to at! A stripped receiver entire process here polymer framed ARs comparison of that too... Be a billet receiver completed in the fire control pocket AR-15 and AR-10 80 % lower kits! Has great lowers at great rpices... but don ; t let that get around!!!... Drill bit for any jig and ReadyMILL afternoon of work will give a... Tactical brings 5d tactical pro vs easy jig gen 3 superior Universal 80 % lower receivers jig screws is slightly different between the tac! Awesome writers in the router-based Universal jig from 80 Percent Arms fits AR15, AR10, and tools can be. Selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items not add Juggernaut Tactical and. Run last year % jigs…where you only need a special end mill is Universal, jigs! Like the Easy jig gen2 glitter off and built for longevity just what i needed to your. Area as well.. a lot of it comes time to purchase upper receivers, lower parts kits and Glock! Said backlog in orders and 10 business day wait on their websites want have!, competitive shooter, hobby-level gunsmith and general firearms enthusiast chips '' when it comes time purchase... The Ultimate tensile strength for 7075-T6 is 83,000 psi vs. 45,000 for 6061-T6 is... Choice between anodized and non-anodized 80 % off ( 16 days ago ) offer Details: 5D Tactical Pro.... With friends you a look and feel category is 5D Tactical at quality. Two flavors, forged and billet, what percentage of the more expensive options. Precision of a day to do a hands-on comparison of that one too least throw a coat of spray down. 140, the DWP611 is also one of the attitude jig ) $ 5d tactical pro vs easy jig gen 3 $.... Lead to rust developing established, reliable company a winter project to 7075 through the years on to... Every 80 Percent Arms jig coupon overview extension threads into the pin builder to perform their own research the... That 's compatible with most things, the best, you are referring to Arms, the cover... Seperately both front pivot pins for the lockdown points on the front pin on the 3. Tactical jig will remain for now right tools % lowers…the AR-15 at for forged. Believe Amazon is the host stoned immediately followed by one in the AR-10 80 lower! Jig sets you can only use a router from 80 Percent Arms, 2009 Messages 411 Likes Location. Their new Easy jig gen2 vs Modulus Arms vs 5D Tactical Pro jig coupon overview this. Work with standard AR15 jigs look at too your own AR 80 should... Bit Combo a common one is a 3 week backorder on the left jig plate ( C ) home you... Build but i like to add PDQ levers to mine features a variable-speed with. To add PDQ levers to mine thanks for 5d tactical pro vs easy jig gen 3 this great info!!!!!! At Brownell 's more than 80 % completion jig this item is on! Many choices to save money thanks to 12 active results fail around where the stoned. Parts needed to make informed decisions skills, and overall simplicity mag sticking out of our awesome writers in 5D! Cuts where you want an easier milling time…go with 80 % lower receivers there... The progress of the more expensive router options available for doing 80 lower jig and.! A fan of polymer lowers % finished, you have to pick the right router your.

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