Two Movie Set: BALTO/ BALTO 2 - Movie Favourite on VHS ThePurringTurtle. D'occasion. #link #parent 2 years ago. Will this new husky, Silver, share the same wolf hating mentality as her father? Balto is based on the real dog of the same name. Jonathan Glass. DVD. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. When Nitti and Balto was young they always played with Dixie Jenna Nikki Kaltag Star and Steele. From shop ThePurringTurtle. Balto franchise. Production Edit Following the original film 's strong video sales, production and development on Balto II: Wolf Quest , as well as Balto III: Wings of Change , began in 1996 at Universal Studios 's animation division, Universal Cartoon Studios . 11,02 EUR. as the beta he tries to follow what is best for his pack. From shop BilbysBunnet. Silver's life doesn't go in the direction she invisioned for her and her family with the unfortunate fate of Steele being seperated from her at such a young age. 21 offres à partir de 2,29 € Suivant. Steele has returned to Nome, and with him, his pretty daughter. EMPTY. We don't really know what decided Universal to do it, but there it is : Balto, one of the less popular animated movie, got a sequel, just like most Disney films. Christmas Ornaments. "That's not Balto. 7352 Views. 110 Pages. Info. Silver pinned him to the ground and turned to Jenna. He appeared at the end of Balto II: wolf Quest. Balto, the lead sled dog on the final stretch into Nome, ... Nome, Alaska lies approximately 2 degrees south of the Arctic Circle, and while greatly diminished from its peak of 20,000 inhabitants during the gold rush days, at the turn of the 20th century, it was still the largest town in northern Alaska in 1925, with 455 Alaska Natives and 975 settlers of European descent. Balto-trilogy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Sometimes moody, her personality is generally very caring. (I Do Not own Balto 1, 2, or 3. Guest. ROAV eyewear is designed to live with you, not just on you. Category Artwork (Digital) / Vore. "Silver! There is always something cheerful about a shiny chrome diner. Balto : L'Histoire d'une légende ou Balto : Chien-loup, héros des neiges est un film d'animation américain réalisé par Simon Wells, sorti en décembre 1995 aux États-Unis.C'est le quarante-et-unième long métrage des studios Amblin Entertainment et le troisième et dernier long métrage de sa filiale spécialisée dans les films d'animation Amblimation. Nice Display Can . Ancien chapeau publicitaire GONDOLO BALTO BISCUIT Tour de France calot. The Silver-And-Brown Wolf is one of the many wolves that appear in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. 5 City Can . Steele is the secondary antagonist of the Balto franchise and the main antagonist of Amblimation's3rd and final animated feature Balto. Login for Price. A(z) "Balto 2: Farkaskaland" című videót "dwithe eightfive" nevű felhasználó töltötte fel a(z) "film/animáció" kategóriába. Little does Silver know that Steele is alive and living in Nome. Balto is the titular main protagonist of the Balto trilogy, and a minor character in the 2019 film Togo. :P These are the main features of the DVD. Measures 8" high and 9 1/2" from outside handle to outside of spout. BOTTOM OPENED. Balto // Gold + Silver. Nava was firm with his beliefs in the spiritual ways and laws of the pack, his more peaceful views coming into conflict with those of the younger and more militant wolf known as Niju. Coffret Balto 2 DVD : Balto / Balto 2 [Import belge] Dvd S. 5,0 étoiles sur 5 2. They are a member of Nava's Clan. À l'âge de 6 mois, il fut castré car il était trop grand et ses traits étaient considérés trop grossiers pour un husky de l'époque (le standard de l'époque recherchait des chiens plus fins et légers sur pattes, destinés à la course). "Oh no you don't. 4,4 étoiles sur 5 644. 0:06. She was just meant to be a mother and has all the qualities needed to be a great one. viewer11 Photographer. "Well I'm done feeling sorry for myself. SEE PICTURES FOR BEST DESCRIPTION & CONDITION. Likes: Bonding & taking care of her pup Steele, hunting, challenges (Silver is a highly competitive dog), Dislikes: Dishonesty & down right idiotic behaviours in others. Register Start a Wiki. This was an okay fic. Jenna, I'll be out of town for a few weeks. The Sterling Matching Specialists. Read some of my fan fics some time!! Balto-Gold-Silver. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Character Galleries. PULL TAB INTACT. It always gets me!! He is a member of Nava's Clan. The only characters that are mine are Silver… "Okay. His human stood up. He is a sled dog. Yukon says as he remains calm. March 28, 2011: you're images are amazing . You'd make char's talk, but not put quotes (") around it. "It seems you have a little wolf problem!" Aluminum Pull Tab Beer Can. That is needed. The film is loosely based on a true story about the dog who helped save children from the diphtheria epidemic in the 1925 serum run to Nome. Is one for one of the pups Aniu and Kikto her and Balto are twins. She is very alert to undercurrents and should not be underestimated. You possess a talent for it. The Silver Wolf is one of the many wolves that appear in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. it was great! Silver-S un334. Tout sur Balto 2 - , DVD Zone 2 et toute l'actualité en Dvd et Blu-ray. Renowned for their ultra thin designs, unrivaled adaptability, and proprietary micro hinges, ROAV frames combines modern aesthetics with timeless eyewear forms. The Silver Wolf is one of the many wolves that appear in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. I'd like to see more poetry from you. Balto est né en Alaska, dans l'élevage de Leonhard Seppala qui travaillait pour une compagnie minière en tant que conducteur de traîneaux à chiens. Try to keep up." "Yang! celui qu'on m'a transmis. Jul 27, 2014 - Silver Wolf's Balto Page | Screengrabs (Page 2) The best adventures are the ones unplanned, and the best sunglasses are the ones you have with you. 5 out of 5 stars (439) 439 reviews $ 12.74. Silver_w olf99654. Niju is the main antagonist of the Balto franchise. 41m left. Balto says, Yukon walks over to the silver husky, but he's cut off by a dark gray husky who starts growling at him. It is sad though. Vintage teapot by McCormick & Sons Banquet Teas "Balto". Games Movies TV Video. $15.99 + shipping . By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. The Black-And-Silver Wolf is one of the many wolves that appear in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. 25:38. The years spent together are breif but this is unknown to this small family until later on in their lives. There is some loss of the silver on lid, handle and pour spout. Brewed By~ CARLING NATIONAL BREWERIES, INC. At~ Balto, Maryland +4. Login for Price. ROAV eyewear is designed to live with you, not just on you. Like the other Balto movies, it is traditionally-animated. Partager: DVD bande annonce. Balto padded into the room. Balto - America. One in one spot, one in the other. 6 Comments. Balto Trailer . 10,00 EUR. This is an image from my Balto 2 DVD cover. 2:24. There are 200+ professionals named "Balto", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. She soon has a relationship with him which results in her falling pregnant with Steele. This is the happiest time in Silver's life!! Silver's life doesn't go in the direction she invisioned for her and her family with the unfortunate fate of Steele being seperated from her at such a young age. The other dog pulled Silver off of Balto. As for where Silver will end up, depends on where Balto ends up. Silver beleives her son to have passed on which leads to her living a solitary exsitence from that moment onwards. 94 Favorites. Inspired by 1960's counter-culture style, these timeless round sunglasses are sure to summon your inner Hendrix. Eddig 29003 alkalommal nézték meg. She is also extremely swift & graceful. April 02, 2007: yer mum.