Our worship provides a place of meeting with God — a place for us to encounter His very presence and embrace His invitation to join Him as He works. Practicing the Presence of God as described by Brother Lawrence is a life that is filled with intimacy and hidden joy. God reveals Himself to those that earnest seek Him (Deuteronomy 4:29). Perhaps it’s when you’re cut off in traffic and nearly get into an accident. Andrew Murray's scriptural insight makes it easy for you to know God. By accepting that we are sinners and need a Saviour we confess this to God and he cleanses us from all sin through Jesus our Saviour. This how to abide in the presence of God, by abiding in worship. What are God Chasers? A Study of the Life of Samuel. Maybe even so bothered that it ruins an entire day or week. My Spiritual life has been going through some dryness and silence and i was not ok with it so i decided to take a day of fasting to revive my life and Spirit and during my search in the wed i met this prayers. “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are … And we do have a good, rich Daddy – we really do. Does your heart long to live in God's presence? In this case, Obed-Edom’s son’s were blessed although later they ended up being corrupt priests, continuing to worship at Shiloh even though the ark was moved to Zion. As you are working at the office: keep God’s presence in the forefront of your mind. As you are watching TV: keep God’s presence in the forefront of your mind. The quickest way for you to enter … And I see music notes lined with gold because they are of the glory realm. God is already present. Spiritually Hungry is a Christian website developed to encourage and guide you into a closer relationship with God by focusing on breaking down barriers to a deeper spiritual life. I’ll be out there on the bike trail and I will just be walking and talking to God out loud. So for now, I want you to hold all of those theological truths in your mind as we move on to an explanation of Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. (One of my favorites … Trading internationally as The Secret PlaceTM (Trademark registration secured in USA, Australia, New Zealand). Or it might be something as simple as a stupid fight with a loved one. We can do this by believing in His Son, Jesus. We hope this article has been helpful for you as you explore Practicing the Presence of God in your own life. She has served in ministry positions such as co-pastor, youth minister, and spiritual director. It’s true, these things happen and they affect us. Tozer, and today tens of millions of copies are in circulation. When you soak, you might want to put on some quiet instrumental or worship music. Discover how to have a dynamic, joyful relationship with the Lord. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Be sure to download our Practicing The Presence Worksheet to help you get started incorporating Practicing the Presence in your own faith routine. In fact, that could be a whole other post! Being hungry for His presence and desiring to be in the presence of the Lord on a daily basis should be our greatest priority… just to be with Him and seek His presence with all our hearts. Do you yearn to know the Father's heart in an intimate way? The Practice of the Presence of God: The Original 17th Century Letters and Conversations of Brother Lawrence The proper blessing is to bring people into the presence of God and to bring God into them as love, grace, and fellowship so that they may enjoy the Triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Spirit – as their everything! If we are honest, many of us can think of God … CDs for practicing the Presence of God, Instrumental soaking music ‘I (Brother Lawrence) began to live as if there were no one save God and me in the world.’ Together, God and Brother Lawrence cooked meals, ran errands, scrubbed pots, and endured the scorn of the world. He became human! I love this quote from Calhoun from her book The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook. First, do what you must to bring yourself consciously into the presence of God (He’s always there). She has been in professional ministry for over 15 years. Goods and services provided by Secret Place Ministries (New Zealand). Wouldn’t we look more like Jesus, or even Paul? Ours is to respond (1 John 4:19). God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Add your name to the list and become a God chaser. But the challenge is to remain focused and intent on keeping God’s presence at your attention. We used to live in perfection, in the Garden. The presence of God begins with God’s favor. Hosting the Presence of God, by Bill Johnson Having DAILY PRAYER time with God and giving DAILY PRAISE to God for his DAILY PROVISION based on His DAILY PROMISE will bring the DAILY PRESENCE of God into our lives and wherever God’s presence is that is where His POWER is. Regardless of the method, the act of worship must be in spirit and truth—from our rational consciousness and consistent with the rest of our lives (John 4:24). He was their God and they were His people. Do you desire to live in God’s presence 24/7? Most importantly, you will gain inspiration for your own intimate walk and the courage to spread the fire of His presence to everyone around you! If you want to feel closer to your wife, you don’t get there by dwelling on yourself. The Bible tells us, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…” (James 1:17). I literally felt Jesus! For Your presence I am longing. We simply must train ourselves to turn to God repeatedly and we too can foster the Fruit of joy in our lives and a rich conversational relationship with God that has endless benefits. I spent about an hour of the most wonderful time in HIS presence I have had in a long time! It’s because of Jesus that we have the unbelievable privilege of being with God. Do you long to feel God's presence and experience His power? He spent almost all of his adult life in solitude, poverty, and obscurity within the walls of a priory. Remind yourself that practicing the presence requires discipline and practice. Jesus is anointed to make the presence of God real to you. Learning how to soak in God's presence through worship is one of the most valuable things we can do with our time. 3. Presence can be temporal (I am present in church) or spiritual (my soul is present and attentive to God). Mankind can only approach the majestic presence of the Almighty “by the blood of Jesus” shed during the redemptive work of Christ 2 on the cross. Set Your Spirit on Fire We live in a fast paced, quick-satisfaction seeking world full of opportunities for instant gratification. 19:21), among other means. Because of this we can know that we are never alone and that He shall never leave us nor forsake us. May the Lord speak to you through this video: You’ll find yourself missing the experience of intimacy with God and naturally working to create space for it again. Sometimes it’s a few minutes; other times it’s an extended time, especially if I’m in great need. Not only can you have an effective prayer life, but you can also experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, a blameless heart, and absolute power over sin. “The Lord passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness,” Exodus 34:6. He literally walked with Adam and Eve. Create stopping points in which to rest in God. It is enough for me to pick up but a straw from the ground for the love of God." God doesn’t “show up” in this sense; He reveals Himself and we … We all live in His presence all the time, (“In Him we live and move and have our being” Acts 17:28) but not many … Experiencing the Presence of God, by Charles Finney As well as being omnipresent, God also dwells in the believer. All measurements in the Kingdom exist for us to pursue increase. The Practice of God's Presence, by Andrew Murray Instead he emptied himself of his outward glory by reducing himself to the form of a lowly servant. Although God is always with us, it is obvious that there are times when His presence is with us in greater measure, and we experience God’s intimate presence in a greater capacity. The most common Hebrew term for "presence" is panim [], which is also translated "face, " implying a close and personal encounter with the Lord.The Greek word prosopon [] has the same semantic range.The Greek preposition enopion [] also commonly appears; several other Hebrew and Greek words occur only a few times. For me, that begins with a cup of coffee in the morning and my Bible open. “Brother Lawrence retreated to a place in his heart where the love of God made every detail of his life of surpassing value. Sermon # 4 “Bringing Back God’s Glory!” 1 Samuel 4:1 – 6:17. I want to share one other sentiment Sharon would share with me all the time, “I got a rich and good Daddy, I have nothing to worry about.”. Sharon, whether she realized it or not, always was Practicing the Presence of God. Though all of the measurements are set up on our end of the equation, we can experience the measure of presence we are willing to jealously guard. Learn how to soak in the presence of the Lord: Listen to our instrumental acoustic guitar music: The Practice of the Presence of God: The Original 17th Century Letters and Conversations of Brother Lawrence, The Secret Place: Passionately Pursuing His Presence, by Dale Fife, The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence, by James Goll, The Practice of God's Presence, by Andrew Murray, Experiencing the Presence of God, by Charles Finney, Hosting the Presence of God, by Bill Johnson. Presence of God. It is our lifeblood. God’s manifest presence is what changes lives and reveals the glory of God. Add Music Players. I have felt HIM in church services, and during prayer with others, but not while looking at a website! The music on the Soaking site is so wonderful. 1 Peter 4:11 NKJV. Move beyond the restraints of time and culture.. "As we become faithful to host the presence of the Lord, we find a tension between two realities—that He has been given to us without measure but that we set the limits of that measure. To be a joyful Christian is to know God’s presence. Without Jesus, Practicing the Presence of God would simply not be possible. There are new songs coming forth. He was like us. When we talk about experiencing the presence of the Lord, we are talking about the realization of God’s presence – of perceiving His presence and being conscious of Him. Brother Lawrence had this wellspring that would bubble up and out simply from staying in conversation with God throughout his day. So if you’re interested or encouraged to bring Practicing the Presence into your own faith journey, we encourage you to download this PDF worksheet and work through it as you move toward a more intimate relationship with God. We are trained to figure out our own problems and troubleshoot. “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit has His permanent dwelling in you?” – 1 Corinthians 3:16. See, Jesus came to right the wrong that happened all the way back in the Garden. John 4:23-24 . Philippians 2:7 The Passion Translation (TPT). She used to tell me: “You know Alexis, people must think I’m crazy. The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence, by James Goll Of course, the only exception is that He did not sin, but He was fully human… and in that we have hope and direction. But you know the story, the temptation and the Fall. 22:29) and with sacrifices and offerings (Is. Take a Walk for His Presence in Creation. God's manifest presence is what changes lives and reveals the glory of God. "We can do little things for God," he wrote. God reveals Himself to those that earnest seek Him (Deuteronomy 4:29). But where does the sudden negativity leave you? Listen and buy cds and mp3 downloads from The Secret Place. Generations after his death, this book has become one of the most popular Christian books in history. Brother Lawrence (1614 to 1691) was a monk who today is most commonly remembered for the closeness of his relationship with God, as recorded in this little book. Beautiful music for your website or blog - add a free player! ", The Secret Place - Turning hearts back to the Father through intimate praise and worship. We turn our hearts to perceive Him, welcome Him and to request His Presence be ever more manifest among us (ex: Solomon and the dedication of the Temple in 2 Chron. Brother Lawrence’s objective: to keep a steady connection with God by means of communication throughout the whole day no matter what his day brought. 1. If you develop a real love for God's Son, Jesus and follow His commandments, and believe the word of God, then follow these words: (John 14:23-24) '"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My commandments; ""and My Father will love him, and We [in The Holy Spirit] will come to him and make Our abode with him. Blessing is a matter of enjoying the Triune God! The tabernacle and the temple are both ways the Lord established for his people to meet with him. This prayer is really a blessing even though it has taken 6 years but i still feel the presence of God when i was going it today. "I turn the cake that is frying on the pan for love of him, and that done, if there is nothing else to call me, I prostrate myself in worship before him, who has given me grace to work; afterwards I rise happier than a king. Sharon was a true prayer warrior as she would spend countless hours in deep conversation with God. The believer understands that in this presence, and ultimately nowhere else, if fullness of joy; at God’s right hand are the deepest and most enduring pleasures of all.” Dictionary of Christian Spirituality p. 690. Do you struggle to maintain a daily relationship with Him? Going all the way back to the Garden of Eden we see that the greatest loss as a result of the first sin was not a perfect place, but a perfect relationship with a perfect God. The Secret Place: Passionately Pursuing His Presence, by Dale Fife God’s way into His presence was through the tabernacle, which pictures Jesus Christ. Practice the lost art of His presence, Learn how to soak in the presence of the Lord: Another way to abide in the presence of God is to practice abiding in His Word. If you find your mind wandering – that’s ok. If the Spirit of God is in manifest presence, as He said He would be, then everyone there who believes will be lifted, edified and strengthened. And it’s in this cursed world, the one filled with sin, where we reside. Brother Lawrence was a 17th century Carmelite monk in France. Do you long to spend time in the Secret Place, getting to know the Father in a deeper way? The God Chasers, by Tommy Tenney Some people grab a pillow and a blanket to … Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. We go about our days as decision makers. God is the primary Actor in worship. Usually upset, of course. When we talk about experiencing the presence of the Lord, we are really talking about the realization of abiding in God’s presence – of being able to perceive His presence and becoming conscious of Him. In His Presence takes you to a deeper understanding of who God is and how he communicates with us. Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) Copyright 2000-2013, Ray Watson, Auckland, New Zealand. “Practising His presence” through worship is one of the ways this can happen. God has promised that as we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us and we will experience His presence in ever increasing measures. Take me back and walk with me. 5:13-14, and the disciples in the Upper Room in Acts 2). If you find your mind wandering – that’s ok. Live every day, every hour, in intimate fellowship with Him. Exercise brings your body, mind, and heart to life. And it was in the residence of the Garden where God met with humanity. Again, sounds very simple – and it is! I know this isn’t new information for you, but it is essential for you to understand Practicing the Presence of God. ", "You have entered into a realm now with God. Break a man-centered focus while cultivating a God-centered focus.. Too many Christians want to make the kingdom of... 2. God Chasers are people whose passion for being in His presence press them to chase the impossible in hopes that the uncatchable might catch them! - Bill Johnson, Play songs from The Secret Place on your site with our free mp3 players. He was known for profound peace and high commitment to Jesus Christ. How common is it for us to lose our way and our footing? God has promised that as we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us and we will experience Him with us in ever increasing measures. Or where could I flee from Your presence?” He concludes that there is no place that we can hide from God’s presence – He is everywhere and sees everything. It is as much as case of increasing our awareness of His presence as it is an increase of His presence itself. Is something missing from your Christian life? Walk in the Glory. Sometimes we forget that Jesus was man, a real blood and flesh.