One might be marginally better clinically, but if all you can get is 10 hours per week worth of work, the clinical quality will ultimately be irrelevant compared to the extra years before it would take you to meet the median PCE requirement. As a dialysis Patient Care Technician (PCT) you'll play an important role in the lives of patients and their families. I know other patient care technicians who are also emt’s, but they do NOT perform the same duties as an emt when they work here. I know emt can work on the inter facility vans, but that's about it. Can someone please clarify the difference in these roles and the expectations in care for each? I learned to look at an EKG and know when to be worried (also learned what the lines actually mean in terms of cardiac conductivity, but that came later). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the prephysicianassistant community, Continue browsing in r/prephysicianassistant. Some of the main differences between the two are (PCA vs CNA) : The patient care aide is primarily a caregiver while the certified nursing assistant is more of a lower entry medical worker I learned to adapt to situations one wouldn't expect, from a patient suddenly crashing to a patient suddenly trying to jump out of the back of my rig. Triage took vitals and did an EKG; the patient is sitting at 160bpm but they're sinus, for now. As a PCT (patient care tech - same as CNA) who worked on a general medicine floor for 1.5 yr and then transferred to the ED (it's been 3 months now) , I have got to say I love the ED a whole lot. A CNA works under the supervision of a physician, Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), helping with patient healthcare needs. It will take 2 to 3 years to complete the educational requirements for a PCT to become an RN. A CNA 2 must be regularly supervised by a licensed nurse and all skills and tasks are to be performed only at the direction of the licensed nurse. The ambulance is awesome. I worked with other EMT's, paramedics, and critical care nurses, all of whom had something to teach me. Can’t speak exactly to your situation. What Is the Difference Between a Patient Care Technician (PCT) and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? COME TO WORK WITH ME!.. Prove all that in your PCT resume to land that interview. A CNA 2 will be able to demonstrate to peers the correct As an ED tech? The ambulance was a ton of fun and I learned so much about how to care for people, how to recognize when a situation is serious, and how to deal with bullshit. I would 100% encourage people to be techs. As a PCT (patient care tech - same as CNA) who worked on a general medicine floor for 1.5 yr and then transferred to the ED (it's been 3 months now) , I have got to say I love the ED a whole lot. I am a patient care technician with just a cna, not an emt or a paramedic. In my experience a hospital in Florida will tell you what they want in their job posting. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I got in with my EMT and experience, though the hospital I worked in hired techs with ~6months of experience, to the best of my knowledge I haven't heard of and EDs taking techs without experience, though what counts varies. In other words, it's fucking cray-cray erryday. At /r/cna/ we share our stories of caring for patients/residents and advice on how to best accomplish our mission of providing the best possible care for those in our charge. I learned teamwork in an uncontrolled environment, how to properly transfer care. Press J to jump to the feed. Identification. I feel like as an ER tech, I get to do more than I did as a PCT. When critical shit happens, I'll do chest compressions, stand by the doc when they tube someone and do whatever the hell they tell me to do, I'll ventilate people with a BVM, put foley catheters up in them urethras, amongst other things. The minimum requirement to become an RN is an associate's degree, but you can also earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Atlanta Career Institute (ACI) is a State Approved Patient Care Technician (PCT) Training program licensed through the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC).Our PCT training classes are specifically designed for students to learn with ease, using a variety of teaching methods. Keep in mind that I have 9 other patients that I'm doing similar things with, all at the same time. Learn how to dose Nolvadex, learn how to construct a SARMs cycle with Nolvadex PCT, and how to use Nolvadex on cycle. Ambo time helped me shape a good "gut" instinct about things, as an EMT basic. Because I worked with the same nurses every shift, they took a strong interest in teaching me. I definitely get to interact with the PAs and doctors a lot more than I did on the floors. [h=3] [/h] Medical assistant vs. patient care technician: Job duties The clearest way to draw a distinction between these roles is to focus on their overall job duties. I've also worked on ambulances. I've heard that clinics/hospitals don't really hire EMTs as Techs straight out. I saw a ton on 911 and interfacility transfers. This video is going to be about how much money CNA/PCT/tech/Nursing Assistants make specifically in the hospital setting! Hey how do you like the telemetry unit? I've done a lot of splinting, helped cath a lot patients, helped with a lot of NG tubes, stood next to the physician while he was tubing patients and giving me a play-by-play. Hello, I recently accepted an offer as a patient care associate on a hospital floor. I love my job, I've learned a shit ton about medicine, how to manage time, how to be chill and efficient when there are over 70 patients in our ED and we're short staffed, and how to work as a team. We also have paramedics who do the duties of a paramedic in the ED and on my floor (medsurg). I learned a lot. A: A certified nursing assistant (CNA) and a patient care assistant (PCA) are not necessarily the same thing, though they perform very similar jobs. I thought EMT cannot work on ambulances. Check out the r/PAstudent subreddit once accepted and r/physicianassistant after graduation. It cemented my interest in hospital medicine, and every day I learned something new. I decided to do a "Day in the life of a Pediatric PCT/CNA." Please read our FAQs before submitting questions. When you’re clocked in as a tech, you only do your tech duties. After the doc sees the patient and gives orders, I'll go start an IV on this patient and draw labs, probably do a repeat EKG at some point, etc. To be a PCA, you only need a high school diploma and on the job training. So I was wondering what would be a good way to get the experience necessary to get the job as a Tech? In the end, I am really grateful for my time as a tech. Hello, I recently accepted an offer as a patient care associate on a hospital floor. Filter by location to see PCT/CNA salaries in your area. I go through the same grief stages as the family does. If you are a current (or aspiring) CNA, Dialysis Technician or Phlebotomist who enjoys building relationships, working in a team-oriented environment and providing outstanding clinical care, becoming a PCT could be for you. PCT vs PCA? I perform venipunctures, do EKGs, apply splints, irrigate wounds. I have a few friends who've worked in other EDs who started only a few months out of their EMT program, or with little experience. This is a subreddit for all pre-physician assistant students seeking help with their applications. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Whether it’s hemodialysis, CPR or basic hygiene, you help patients get healthy with timely precision and emotional support. I just got my CNA certification and one of the jobs I'm applying to is on a telemetry unit. Patient Care Technician (PCT) Resume Sample & Skills; Patient Care Technician (PCT) Resume Sample & Skills. Also, thank you for your post it was very insightful. I know other patient care technicians who are also emt’s, but they do NOT perform the same duties as an emt when they work here.