Comments go live without approval, but still take 30 to 60 minutes to show up, so don't repost them, please. So this particular speedometer exhibited some of the typical speedo problems that you see on old scooters. Default Canada Only North America Worldwide. Under $35.00. I don't really know how to say this but straight. Type as though you were texting... all lower case? Ahh.. New feature for a new riding season! ... Scooter Candy Store wrote: Do you live in a cold Climate? The speedometer stopped Over $75.00. I need 21x17 13grams. I couldnt start it as the battery was dead, so therefore I had to kick start it in the middle of the road lol. There can be multiple reasons for the speedometer to malfunction, and replacement need not be the only solution. Welcome Guest. Feel free to re-submit, following the instructions I have everywhere on the site. Please Note: The owner of The Scooter Lounge is on medical leave and is unavailable at this time.Work that requires his expertise such as repairs or restorations on vintage vehicles will … What else do I need to replace to get an accurate odometer? Best Match Time: ending soonest Time: newly listed Price + Shipping: lowest first Price + Shipping: highest first Lowest Price Highest Price Distance: nearest first. $35.20. Answer Save. 39" SPEEDOMETER CABLE GY6 50CC SCOOTER ZNEN SUNL LANCE PEACE BAJA KMYCO AGILITY. SYM JET EURO X 50CC SCOOTER SPEEDOMETER SPEEDO DASH COVER 53206-T6R-000KA kc. I appreciate everyone's contributions over the past few years and I apologize for having to do this. C $26.17. Search Advanced search. It has the cable and the thing on the axel. Share Thread. Use a sewing needle or other small, pointed object to work the broken piece out of the speedometer hub. VINTAGE NEW HURET 70 KmH PEUGEOT MOPED SCOOTER SPEEDOMETER SPEEDO HEAD $39.95 ( Bids) Time Remaining: 21h 10m Buy It Now for only: $79.95 : CEV SPEEDOMETER DRIVE BENELLI BUZZER 50cc MOPED GARELLI TOMOS NOS $32.99 ( Bids) Time Remaining: 15d 17h 16m Buy It Now for only: $32.99: 1986 honda spree nq50 moped H1190 working speedo speedometer gauge 1 $39.50 ( … Sorry, but I have standards. What's up with this shout box? A battery tender like the Battery Tender Jr. can make all the difference in whether your scooter will start right up each spring, after being stored for months. … Got home, shut it off and started it up again., It might be possible the the speedo Gear at the Front wheel might need to be greased, or the gear could be bad. Vintage HONDA CH80 Elite Scooter Instrumentation Cluster Speedometer OEM 3257MI. Also, check out our newest eScooter Club members We are growing every week! C $32.78. If you need help/tips on getting the plastics apart ask. Please Note: The owner of The Scooter Lounge is on medical leave and is unavailable at this time.Work that requires his expertise such as repairs or restorations on vintage vehicles will … All Listings. Electric scooter and bike troubleshooting guide speed controller does not work. Motorcycles & Scooters Complaints . 02 Speedometer - No Man Worries feat. 0 0. Riva 125 Speedometer Not Working. Despite my best efforts, I could not adequately prevent daily attacks by hackers and spammers. Return to Q&A Archives - Gauges/Electrical/Wiring. It has about 5,400 miles on it. Thanks, Fox. If it's not, then it's either broken somewhere inside the housing (and you need a new cable) or it's disconnected at the wheel (but you already checked this). It has about 5,400 miles on it. The problem of a speedometer not working on a scooter is actually more common that one might assume. … So, does the speedometer work proberly, does the needle move correctly? $44.95 ... For parts or not working. Probably a busted cable. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Reasons and Solutions are Here. Cheers for the info lads, speedo hasn't been working since I got my bike - checked the worm and it was mashed! Can it be to hide any usage of scooter … Make Offer - Genuine Piaggio NRG MC3 A/C Combined Instrument Speedometer CM071302 Cruscotto. My guess is that it's slipping at the wheel because usually when it comes loose at … $80.00. Any ideas what might be causing this problem and suggestions Does my Xiaomi m365 electric scooter BMS have only one or two Z-fuses? Any ideas what might be causing this problem and suggestions 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. The fuel gauge and odometer work fine. Speedometer Not Working Properly? Bike under 100cc does not need a speedo. Specializing in speedometer repair and restoration for vintage Volkswagen automobiles, ... Speedo King. One of mine had the speedo moved into the top left of the battery box. Even though most of their posts did not go public, they still cluttered up my website host's server space, jeopardizing my account. Post by AuLaSW » Thu … Thank you for your support. Price. The bike speedo actually has the clearest display. BHPian . Yesterday on the way to work my Speedometer on my 2006 400 quit working. Wow, I just found this. … What do you … Here, we have tried to provide likely issues that can occur with the speedometer, along with troubleshooting tips for the same. Pre 1936 does not need a speedo . The puck is there, but no cable my friend. So this is next in line for me to solve. There are no electrical components (ie. The speedometer is useful of course, but it's not accurate. K kansal1234. Speedometer Lens for "VDO" speedometer for Vespa 125 VNB/ 150 GS/ T2-4 (d) ... Patina may be a nice thing elsewhere, but the speedo should be easy to read, and it should be in working order. Pretty useless. Otherwise, obtain a new cable and proceed to the next step. Hi all. With the lens damaged and moisture entering the latter may not be the case for long. Failure is not an option (Unless you've tried everything else) pink 1st Class Ticket. 2007 Tuono; Im not getting my speed indicated OR the odomoter is not clicking off miles. Apparently this still is not being used much. MOTION PRO BLACK VINYL CLUTCH CABLE 02-0107 SCOOTER Honda. From the serial number of the scooter, look at the first 5 digits: If the number is less than 35000, you are in V1 with 1 fuse. Posted: 18:07 - 04 Nov 2007 Post subject: Speedometer and mileage counter not working!!!!! The speedometer and odometer on your scooter (and most scooters) is a mechanical system. 300 Pieces (Min Order) Ningbo Joint International Supply Co., Ltd. CN 6 YRS. Chances are, there is a good reason. Quote. bike runs perfect but basically all the gauges for the exception of the light are not working and I cant find a fuse that may be the issue. Details about SPEEDOMETER GAUGES SPEEDO CLOCK TAKEN OFF CW50 ZUMA II YAMAHA CW 50 SCOOTER. £13.99. Our speedometer wheel size calculator page can be used to program it and also has directions for using it on wheels without spokes. AuLaSW n00b Posts: 1 Joined: Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:42 pm To prevent spam, enter the year 'modern' scooters were first sold in North America (hint: 1982): 1982. Ruck2 has a trailtech on the triple. I have checked the wires to the sensor and it appears ok. scootover if the answer is no, then the speed sensor is not working, either the sensor itself or one of its wires is broken. 0 0. Motorsport Scooters. The maintenance work is ranked by level of difficulty: Easy - Requires little knowledge of your scooter and few (if any) tools We have lots of unanswered questions... can you help? Scooter Forums. GTS 300 Speedo Not working , Idea why. Multifunction YS® Digital Speedometer 6 function microcomputer controlled digital speedometer for electric scooters, bikes or just about anything with wheels. The speedometer stopped Ah, gotcha! Started it up to come home from work. C $16.28 shipping. ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TYPE LIKE THIS IN THE SHOUT BOX? Previous Thread; Next Thread ; Please make a selection first; new « Prev; 1; Next » sadsatyr Scoot Newb. C $13.95. Mine matches your picture, other does not… … "Fast service" "Excellent work" Contact Supplier. So my question iso how would I know how many miles I really have? Honda 2 Wheelers India — Speedometer of activa scooty is not working . Universal MPH Speedometer Gas Gauge Dash Mount Assembly for CPI POPCORN, HUSSAR; $24.78. Normally after doing that for awhile, the needle stops working entirely. Anyone want to buy a Yamaha 2t that needs a complete rebuild? That is the death spiral for a speedometer. 2003 PEUGEOT VIVACITY VS/X speedometer stopped working Hi, Chad_uk for this scenario you will need your service/owners manual if you can't find the first and best tool you ever bought for your Yamaha, despair not, for a mere zero $0 you can download another one. Many lenses are no longer available. The value of a tachometer on an automatic scooter is questionable since there's no gear changing and no way to "over rev" the engine, still, it can be useful for setting the idle speed.