Grytviken first gained popularity in 1915 when it was referred to as a whaling station. — Ernest Shackleton, last words in diary "I think this is as "the Boss" would have had it himself, standing lonely in an island far from civilisation, surrounded by stormy tempestuous … On 27 November 2011, the ashes of Frank Wild, Shackleton's 'right-hand man', were interred on the right-hand side of Shackleton's grave-site (but on Shackleton's left-hand side! One […] Sir Ernest Shackleton spent time at South Georgia in 1914 while preparing for his infamous Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. His grave is located south of Grytviken, alongside those of the whalers who died on the island. In 2014, Dr. Joe made a pilgrimage to Shackleton's grave on remote South Georgia Island, in the Southern Ocean. Discover The Grave of Ernest Shackleton in Grytviken, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands: Final resting place of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. When Shackleton died in 1922, he was buried on South Georgia just outside the old whaling station of Grytviken. ). 64 people are buried here including the graves of the whalers and sealers. Make a Toast at Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Grave. No trip to South Georgia is complete without a visit to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s grave, the greatest polar explorer in history. "In the darkening twilight I saw a lone star hover Gem-like above the bay." The nearby South Georgia Museum, housed in the old whaling station manager's house, contains a … On 27 November 2011, the ashes of Frank Wild, Shackleton's "right-hand man," were interred on the right side of Shackleton's grave-site. His grave is located south of Grytviken, alongside those of whalers who had died on the island. A stone taken from the grave of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton in South Georgia more than 75 years ago is returned by the Royal Navy. South Georgia Tourism Flights to South Georgia Toast "Bring 'em Back Shack" at his gravesite in a small cemetery overlooking the bay. Sir Earnest Shackleton's Grave: Toast Shackleton - See 68 traveler reviews, 50 candid photos, and great deals for Grytviken, at Tripadvisor. Shackleton was buried at a small graveyard that is found in Grytviken and his grave can be seen even today. A pilgrimage to his grave is an essential part of any trip here. His widow chose South Georgia as his final resting place so this is where he remained. After Shackleton lost his ship known as Endurance in the waters after hitting a pack, Shackleton re- united with civilization in Grytviken, South Georgia. Grytviken Cemetery The Grytviken cemetery is a 10-minute walk from the museum and contains the famous grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Hazards from the sea, weather, shipwreck, disease, accidents, the nature of employment, and other things have resulted in many deaths. Grytviken is the whaling station made famous by Shackleton's reunion with civilization on South Georgia after losing his ship, the Endurance, to Antarctic pack ice in 1915.