We had lined up three days fishing on Loch Damph, the glen over. Liathach veiled in could and rain looming over the Head of the Loch. you can cover some miles i take rod reel leader and small box of flys and a packed lunch. Starting small I fished the pools hard, eventually giving up when the riffled hitch that had worked for Derrick didn’t produce any action. Again another change and the fish are back, splashy rises all around, a quick change back on the dry rod and I decide to target what looks like a better sized fish that was rising off some rock. Beautiful four bedroom barn conversion with stunning views. Within 10 minutes we were all soaked and I think the three of us spent the first hour of the morning in a tangle. Finding trout in lakes and ponds In still waters trout … The next morning, with blurry heads, Sam, Del Boy and I scraped ourselves out of bed for a 6am start to find three stags standing right at the front door. Trophy trout of 40 lbs and more are common in these top fly fishing areas. Looking South East over loch Torridon, with Loch Damh visible behind. Fish location, behavior and fishing tactics will vary depending on whether you’re fishing in still waters or moving waters. ... abusive seagulls and general feeling of coming and going has all the air of a busy fishing port. Scotland. There are over 100 acres of hill lochs with wild brown trout in wonderful locations. ( Log Out /  Today the main Torridon - Shieldaig road runs along the back fence and the Thorburn family home now stands at Newton. Salmon River. A paradise for walkers: lochside rambles; remote majestic corries; a traverse of Beinn Alligin; the Pinnacle Ridge on Liathach.  I didn’t care, I love Torridon! Come rain or shine, bobbing there in the boat surrounded by the fortress like walls of the mountains and the sound of a calling birds and the distinctive coo-coo of a cuckoo drifting from the trees. Connecticut. What a fantastic ridge and door to door we managed it in less than 7 hours! Well done team. American River, Sacramento. Many of the more remote lochs are rarely fished and offer fine fishing opportunities for wild brown trout. But remember don’t row straight back over them! I start the engine and begin trolling behind the boat we hadn’t moved any distance before the line was streaming from the reel and the rod was doubled over as I fought to bring the best fish of the day to the surface and ultimately to the net a beautiful one and half pound brown trout. i have been fishing NW Scotland for about 15 years and i rearly have fished the … EXCLUSIVE AND INDEPENDENT A some what circuritise route considering the sea sit only 7 mile westward down Glen Torridon and I am sure it would have once flowed this way, if it hadn’t been for a twist of geological or glacial action that force these peat waters to take the long way to the coast. Having fished the Loch before I knew my destination and I motored North to the head of the Loch which sits in an almost amphitheatre as the wooded banks on the West and South banks shelter you from the now gusty wind bring incessant rain that varied between light drizzle to fat drops of rain that poured down, drumming on the hood of my Gore-tex jacket. The wind had eased off and views over to Beinn Eighe were fantastic. The estate has one salmon river, The Thràil. It jumped clean out of the water and made a run for the far side. Change ). By fishing on light tackle the excitement and challenge is ever-present with every fish hooked. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The team failed to hook a fish in the Thrail and by the time I arrived it had dropped right back. We drove five minutes east, parking at the path end, and headed straight up the well built track onto the ridge leading to the first Munro – Spidean a’ Choire Lèith. Kate Maclaren waiting to be wetted, the traditionals always produce fish. From here the walk over the ridge was easy and the views breath taking. What a month: distilleries, sea trout, huge brown trout, massive hills, eagles, otters, perfect beaches, mobile cinemas and most importantly brilliant company in a brilliant country. Its combination of rock and water, changing seasons and moods make this an awe-inspiring place to visit. Aching legs and sore heads ventured out into midgy hell the next morning. Today we know this amazing fishing vein as The American River. The hills are so dramatic – they just appear out of nowhere and, with unforgettable trout, it’s a hard place to beat. Many would anchor but drifting allows more water to be covered, the key when boat fishing on the drift is to position the boat and have your Drogues set to allow the drift to carry the boat and you within casting range or even over those trout lies. As well as being a ghille he was also the stalker on the nearby estate and for a while did a stint with the Mountain Rescue and the retained Fire Service in Torridon. Even if you do not know your Kate Maclaren* from your Gold Head Nymph, there is something infectious about The Unemployable Fly Fisher’s latest post which makes some of us yearn to cast a line into the Torridon lochs. Accommodation. The loch was too choppy to get to the top so we stayed at the bottom end all morning and unfortunately didn’t touch a thing. Although steelhead are really nothing but ocean or lake-run rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), any angler who’s ever tried to hook one will… Read More >>> 5 Prime Ice Fishing Destinations in the U.S. The four-bedroom lodge has recently been refurbished and is beautifully positioned to enjoy the views across the river to Loch Damph, and the mountains beyond. Fishing is by fly only from boat or bank. Set in 58 acres of parkland at the end of a magnificent sea loch, The Torridon has one of the most spectacular and idyllic locations in the country.  By no measure were they monsters, half pound to a pound at best but they hammered the fly and fought like fish three times their size, and that is why I love Highland Brownies, they offer a fantastic fight and sport that not many fish can match for their size. It had dropped down a bit and Alistair told us that the fish drop back into the river Torridon with the water, so I wasn’t feeling very hopeful. With nought doing there either, I headed back to the loch in time to pipe the team in. Find your perfect fishing retreat in the Pride of Britain collection today. At work on the home farm.   This continued for the next couple of hours, fish after fish coming to the net. I was on a search for their year round guests and having fished on the estate several times over the last couple of years I knew what hard fighting plentiful trout lay ahead for me if I could dial in with fly choice and location. Unbelievable! Next up were the pinnacles on the ridge before the second top – Mullach an Rathain. The River Torridon is an attractive Wester Ross spate river, only four miles long, flowing from Lochan an Iasgair to Loch Torridon, with easy access from the adjacent road. The loch was still choppy and the boat was moving very fast, making it hard to get the fish close. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Some of the best places for trout fishing in this state include the Farmington and Housatonic River, Washining Lake, and Eightmile River. It had taken a size 10 black Pennell with a green tail and was certainly not foul hooked! I was soon in again with a 2lb trout which felt more like a 4lb fish! The following day, heavy rain and strong winds prevailed as Teddy, Sam and I took the boat out on the loch. Welcome To The Torridon Resort. 2. Torridon is a Glen and sea loch on the North West coast, South of Gairloch and stretching South West from the head of the famous Loch Marie at Kinloch Ewe to the village of Torridon. Its white washed houses dwarfed on the giant alluvial fan that spills down from the buttresses and narrow, jagged ridge of Liathach to the huge Fjord of Loch Torridon. Stretching for miles westward with rugged mountains climbing steeply from waters edge to the clouds. Torridon Behind Liathach Scotland Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout Trip Report In addition to the staking there is great trout fishing on the River Halladale and some walked up rough shooting. The others had spent the afternoon in the boozer and by the time I joined them for dinner it was carnage! Eleanor caught the first fish but never did get that first round she had promised us! Price: Offers Over £595,000. Salmon and sea trout fishery statistics for the most recent season available are summerised in topic sheets 68 and 69 respectively. I could not believe my eyes – what a morning! Whether you’re looking for freshwater or sea fishing there’s plenty of choice to suit all ages and abilities, from catching mackerel in the Minch to fishing for the sea trout … A blog about Fishing in Scotland, fly fishing, fishing, trout, salmon, current events, activities, bushcraft, survival techniques, accommodation and holidays. The rain had eased off by the time we got to the loch but the chop was massive. For the fishing seasons 2014 and onwards, fishery statistics will be published in the following April. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The view from the A896 running east along Upper Loch Torridon and looking north to the fantastically worn ridges of Beinn Alligin, Beinn Dearg and Liathach is especially humbling. The following day’s weather was even better, and with a sea boat booked, we headed to Gairloch for a couple of hours fishing. Entitled Happiness is…Torridon Trout it is the fishy tale of a day spent on … Salmon and trout fly fishing in the Highlands of Scotland. For many this is the ultimate wild fishing experience combining hill walking in majestic scenery with wild brown trout fishing, but there are also lochs with easier access. Beating a retreat to the cars we make for the boat house, waders and lashings of Avon skin so soft, the only thing that seems to deter them then making for the boat at almost a sprint down the pontoon; throwing my kit in the boat like a bank robber fleeing a robbery I start the engine and head out onto the Loch and safety from the midge, Loch Clair, looking East, sheets of rain carried in on the wind. With two more strong runs I was down to my backing and winding furiously as it ran back at the boat. From the winding single track road that hugs the foot of the towering hills on the North side of the glen, Lochs come into view about half way between Torridon village and Kinloch Ewe. CDFW is temporarily closing its high public use areas, including visitor centers and license counters, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).Before heading to a CDFW facility, contact the regional headquarters office to determine if that facility is open. Only a few hours’ drive from New York, Connecticut is the ideal weekend trout fishing destination for city folk. Fish were rising all around the boat I was in heaven! 8. Row out and around where you want to drift, otherwise the fish are spooked and you are wasting your time! Beautiful and a true outdoor enthusiasts play ground, but I hadn’t come here to climb or mountain bike I had come in search of West coast gold, wild highland brownies. Soon enough Del Boy was in. Alistair Holmes was our Ghillie for the week and teamed up with traditional wets on floating lines we headed west from the mooring point on our first drift. i usually fish a bit north of toriddon in the scourie area fishing hill lochs for wild browneys usaly 1/2 lb but every now and then i pull out a bigger one last spring a 5lb and a 7lb both returned fish small black flys on a floating line. With some encouragement from me we had soon traversed the fairly easy but very exposed scramble over the three tops. CDFW is temporarily closing its high public use areas, including visitor centers and license counters, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).Before heading to a CDFW facility, contact the regional headquarters office to determine if that facility is open. The fish are hard-fighting and average ¾ lb with bigger fish present. Regularly stocked with trout, catfish and small mouthed bass, the weather is always incredible, too. Torridon, in my opinion, is one of the best places in Scotland. I row out of the bay and in to the main loch, but before I start the engine I cast a long line out the back of the boat with a classic bloody butcher on point. The loch had risen but there was a slight breeze and with a strong sun I didn’t think it would be a great day however Alistair remained positive. Figures released under freedom of information law reveal that more than 22 tonnes of formaldehyde, which causes cancer and is used as an embalming fluid, have been poured into cages to disinfect salmon over nine months in 2019. Salmon can be caught from July onwards, given rain, and up to thirty or so fish might … The head of the Loch has a nice bank of reeds along the North shore, pockets of weed dotted among deeper pots, offering a real varied habitat perfect for trout. Del Boy and I were on the morning session that day while Sam waited for our good friend Teddy to arrive. July 21, 2015. To provide options the other rod was a 9.6ft 5wt greys/hardy streamflex plus with a hardy ultra light reel with cortland platinum floating line, a 15ft leader with 2 droppers about 6ft between them. The wind had died down a bit so we headed for the straits where we had seen some action the previous day. With a small spate river on the doorstep, a fantastic trout loch 10 minutes away, the pub a five minute cycle down the road and all overlooked by Liathach, one of the most famous mountain ridges in … Though no fishing is possible on the Applecross River, the area offers some superb wild brown trout fishing in beautiful surroundings well off the beaten track. A Single Membership limit is 3 trout per day, 10 trout per week, and 40 trout per season. We soon headed down a badly eroded corrie to the path and were back at the house in no time. The loch fishes well from May onwards. Again they had no fish! Brown Trout caught in Sands Loch . I can’t thank Jane, Derrick and the rest of the Harris crew enough. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The village of Alligin has long been associated with fishing and boatbuilding. Information on purchasing licenses, permits, tags and other entitlements, can be found on CDFW’s Online License Site. Activities at Ben Damph. Ten lochs across Scotland have been polluted by a toxic pesticide used by fish farms to control fungus, parasites and disease. However, I couldn’t complain too much as the Liathach ridge was now covered with cloud and the first drops of rain had started falling. I had soon managed a couple of smaller fish although even they put up some scrap. This distance does little to dissuade the once plentiful sea-trout and the still decent numbers of salmon that fight up-stream to reach the waters of the Coulin estate. With Ben Alligin in the West, An Teallach to the North, the Fannichs in the East and Ben Wyvis to the South we were in no hurry to get off the hill. Fishing nets at Alligin Pier. The estates of Ben Damph, Coulin and Torridon, offer superb loch fishing, which can be booked via their estate offices. ( Log Out /  Wild Torridon Brownie show its Beautiful markings and colours. stalking the Estate offers trout fishing on one of the many hill lochs, rough shooting and the chance of a grouse. Location: Angus. It was smiles all round and we soon headed for the pub. A few pints later and he was telling us about the raven he taught to talk, and his pet fox, Sally which he had brought up from a cub so as an adult she was totally tame towards humans. It was a slow morning and without touching a fish we headed to the other end of the loch. I soon had a lovely 2lb sea trout on a bibio just minutes after Alistair had told us how few he had seen recently. Teddy missed tea and was sent to sleep in the jeep after noising up some locals, Del Boy was knocking glasses over left right and centre while Sam had forgotten he was in a restaurant and was using language that would get me removed from Google if I put it in this blog! The resort offers something for everyone. Fishing for salmon and sea trout is not allowed on Sundays. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rio de los Americanos--is what this river went by before 1846. Clair and Coulin are joined by tempting looking wee river. We headed straight to the top of the loch where Alistair thought there might be a chance of a grilse near to the stream inlet. I spent the afternoon chucking everything I had at the river Thrail. Looking East down loch Torridon, and the Glen, Liathach and beinn Eighe behind taken from the Applecross peninsula. Home for a last tea and final session before the holiday was over. As quickly as the fish were taking the dry, the rise had died! Sam’s mum, Jane, did a cracking three meat roast on the Sunday and his dad (Del Boy) almost cracked into his 3lt bottle of Glenmorangie but wisely he managed to hold off! A late arrival on Saturday meant we weren’t fishing until Monday so we all took the chance to relax before what promised to be a pretty hectic week. Thrail House, Ben Damph Estate are a leading country sports provider in Scotland. Apart from that there was nothing doing. Loch na h-Oidhche (Loch of the night) is a remote hill loch which offers excellent fishing for wild brown trout amid the majestic scenery of the Torridon mountains. Working the land was an important way of life and crops were carefully tended on crofts. Taking the boat to within inches of the bank I began a first drift of many for the day, almost immediately I was into a trout falling to a size 14 quill ,emerger- hopper with a Cdc wing, the fly retrieved in quick short bursts seem to enduce hard splashy takes as the fly came to a stop brilliantly visual and exciting fishing. Heading North West into the Highlands of Scotland with the ultimate destination being Torridon.  This a pilgrimage I make several times a year but to be honest that still is not often enough for my liking. I was lucky enough to be invited along by my old pal Sam on his family’s annual fishing holiday. Torridon is an area of outstanding natural beauty situated around the sea lochs of Torridon & Shieldaig and inland to Kinlochewe. Derrick and the girls took the more comfortable option, fishing the Thrail which was now at a good height. Sands Caravan and Camping is the ideal base to discover the fishing of Wester Ross.  A well placed cast, a single draw of the line to straighten the leader and I am into a cracking fish of about a pound. The initial swirl was small and as Derrick sped up his retrieve the fish took the middle fly making him think it was foul hooked. Torridon boasts some of the best brown trout fishing in Scotland. Annat By Achnasheen, Wester Ross, IV22 2EY. With a small spate river on the doorstep, a fantastic trout loch 10 minutes away, the pub a five minute cycle down the road and all overlooked by Liathach, one of the most famous mountain ridges in Scotland – it’s fair to say I was excited. After about 20 minutes I had landed the biggest wild trout of my life, estimated by Alistair at  6 or 7lbs on a size 12 bibio. The forecast had predicted better weather for the next day and sure enough, despite high winds, the mountain tops overlooking the house were clear so Eleanor and I set off to bag the two Munros on Liathach. He could call her from the pub and she would come over, lie on her belly to be tickled, before entering the pub with Alistair to greet the locals.  A few more fish fall to the dry but the day is drawing on, the wind is picking up, it’s still raining and one look at a half drown Jenni and I decide its time to call it a day. Trout habitats are often divided into lakes and ponds (still waters) or rivers and streams (moving waters). A Family Membership limit is 6 trout per day, 20 trout per week, and 80 trout per season. For some visitors, one of the greatest attractions are the large number of hill lochs. Casting out and letting the gold-headed nymph sink and carry the cast downwards in to the peaty dark water and beginning a slow jerky retrieve produced four fish in quick succession, three of which were on the peacock and black spider all from quite deep and a fit as a fiddle, one noticeably drawing the boat across the water, brilliant sport! For more information or to make a booking, please call Sporting Lets on 01738 451600 or email enquiries@sportinglets.co.uk. These are the Lochs of the Coulin estate (www.coulin.co.uk) Clair, Coulin and Bharranch. Throw in some Harris shenanigans, Stockley mischief,  excellent food, gallons and gallons of wine and a seriously wet forecast – it was shaping up to be another top week. Motyoring down the loch I was really quite contented with my day the 4 hour drive north had been totally worth it but it was time for a warm shower in the hotel and a hot cup of tea to toast the beauty of torridon its brilliant brown trout and the superb coulin estate. It was off like a rocket, stripping line and jumping several times.  A quick chat is all we manage as the midges are wild in a cloud as thick as the mist hanging on the hills above us, the little buggers cloud round us and begin their banquet. By fishing on light tackle the excitement and challenge is ever-present with every fish hooked. Fishing is allowed from the shore only. Head of Loch Clair looking West, Liathachs ridge visible with broken cloud, Loch Clair was my aim, and having phoned Neil Morrison the head keeper and booking the only boat on the mile and a half long Loch I was like a kid on Christmas eve, excited and chattering at my long-suffering better half, as we head down the Glen from the brilliant Torridon Inn (www.thetorridon.com). A two-year project has helped to track the movement of salmon and sea trout smolts in the Loch Torridon system, Wester Ross. Located in the Highlands & Islands, visitors can enjoy Salmon Fishing and Trout Fishing throughout the country sports season – self catering accommodation is also available. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). This second rod would allow me to go subsurface with tradition highland wets and nymph if the dries didn’t go so well. The river Thràil flows into the Torridon river near where it meets the Sea at Upper Loch Torridon. These waters ultimately flow North East from Clair in the River Gharbhie for about 5 miles until its junction with the River Kinloch and north-westwards through Loch Marie till it finally meets the sea at Poolewe. This year the Harris clan were heading to Torridon in the north west of Scotland. The afternoon session was Del Boy and I, and having managed a Salmon from the Thrail that morning he was after a biggy to make his day. After a fruitless drift I opt to go on to the heavier rod and the wet flies; a size 12 hares ear nymph on the point, a peacock and black, size 14 spider next and a Kate Maclaren, size 14 on the top dropper. Frustratingly, there was nothing we could do to connect with them, so Alistair took us on the final drift of the morning over to the Straits. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Picture, Video, Story, Scenic Panorama, Wildlife Close-up, Articles Stories and much more. Salmon and trout fly fishing in the Highlands of Scotland. The fish stayed deep and Alistair had a wry smile on his face – I think he knew what was coming next. We all headed for a final pint with Alistair in the pub and he told us about the glory days of huge sea trout in Loch Damph and Loch Maree where he had worked for a season. The river had risen a bit but was by no means in spate and after an hour or two we headed back for breakfast fishless. With smolt farms at either end of the loch the trout grow big and it wasn’t long before we started to see huge fish leaping around. I begin my slow wade across to the seam, the awkward lie of the trout meant I had a short window to present the fly before the current would induce drag and effect the flies movement. Ben Damph Estate has a lot to offer those who enjoy the outdoors. The Torridon. After catching a couple of smaller Mackerel we started trolling rubber worms and soon enough Abbie, Jane and Victoria were all into decent Pollock, the best being Abbie’s at about 5lb. No ice fishing is allowed. They also have salmon fishing. Unbelievable. No matter where you look stunningly captivating views catch you and you can lose yourself in for hours. Trout and About: The Joy of Fly Fishing on the Torridon Lochs. Friday, 1 June 2012 Torridon … There are opportunities for sea fishing, wind surfing and sailing on Loch Torridon and a yacht anchorage in Ob Gorm Mor is available for guests and visiting friends. fishing a barbless size 14 CDC Elk hair on a 16ft 5x tapered leader and a 4 weight 9ft Hardy demon rod. flickr/ken lund. Fishing with corn is now allowed as per DEEP regulations. Taking sound advice from a couple of mates, I persuaded Eleanor that the best way was over the top, avoiding the eroded paths either side. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and it’s back to work for me. SOLD Compact Sporting Estate Bedrooms: 4. A careful drive down the bumpy private estate road we are met by Neil on the wooden bridge that spans the tempting Coulin River. View theunemployableflyfisher’s profile on Facebook, Follow theunemployableflyfisher on WordPress.com. and expect the fish to still be there, quick to spook slow to return. What a chap Alistair is, we will definitely be returning to fish with him again. Disappointed we didn’t catch any more Salmon but chuffed with the massive trout and epic mountains, we headed back to Inverness for an unsuccessful evening wildfowling on what turned out to be a lovely evening. Shelter from the guesting wind  in the Bay allowed me to target the rising fish on the dry, my favourite way to fish and I had tackled up with 2 rod a 9ft 3wt greys/hardy streamflex with a hardy flyweight reel and a hardy 3wt double tapered floating line and a 14ft tapered leader with a single fly. Wind your way through the glen to the shores of Loch Torridon, arrive in 58 acres of parkland estate and the fairytale-like turrets will soon come into view. Walking & Climbing Loch & Sea Fishing Shooting Wildlife Surrounding Area Local History. As quickly as the fish were taking the dry, the rise had died! Alistair did well to avoid some rocks, missing with his first attempt with the net before successfully bagging what he believed to be a fish of over 10lb.  Six hours of brilliant sport in a location that words just do not do justice to. Bringing yet another Beautiful Torrid0n Brownie to the net. As we passed the bothy on the north bank the loch opened out, and only then did we appreciate just how vast it was. ( Log Out /  Lake Del Valle is known in the area for its great fishing. Del boy, Will and I fished the loch in the morning while everyone else hit the river. During 2018 and 2019 Marine Scotland Science fitted migrating salmon and sea trout with acoustic transmitters to track them through a grid of 80 acoustic receivers across Upper Loch Torridon, Loch Shieldaig and most of Outer Loch Torridon. Loch Clair sits in the mouth of a spur glen leading due South for Glen Torridon where mixed native woodland of scots pines and silver birch surround the Loch and give way to steep rolling heather that clings to the rugged stepped slops of Torridonian sandstone and quartzite from the Lochs western shore. Sgurr Dhubh looms in the mist, to the North Beinn Eighe menaces in the descending mist and cloud and to the North-West hidden from view waits the razor like ridge of Liathach. From the second top we waved to Jane and Derrick who were sitting in the house having lunch and could clearly see us through a pair of binos! This year the Harris clan were heading to Torridon in the north west of Scotland. The salmon and sea trout stocks on the River Applecross have been decimated in recent years , but a regeneration process is now in place to rectify the situation. Well done Derrick, what a day… a 7lb Salmon and a personal best brownie! A sober Jane had the pleasure of driving the 7 of us squeezed into Del Boy’s jeep back to the house in torrential rain – Torridon, we can only apologise. Derrick was next to strike lucky with a couple of fish at about 1lb each before we both saw a flash towards my flies near the surface, grabbing the first dropper.