Reply With Quote #4 March 14th 08, 03:37 AM posted to microsoft.public.excel.misc BoniM. Forums: Word, Computers, Design, Microsoft Word Email this Topic • Print this Page . Go to Layout/Ruler Guides and change the color and view to something other than what was already there Then it didn’t matter if I had on the snap to document grid on or off. Thanks for the post. I have tried copying and pasting to new workbook but still not working. For example, in Word, under Page Layout, almost all of the arrange section is greyed out and not able to use, this is on new docs, old docs, etc. Before that, nothing I did changed it at all. The Themes button lives on the Page Layout tab and looks like this, when available:. Had to copy elements of the page to a new document, which was fine, and then copy the graphics back afterwards. Clicking the Orientation command.A drop-down menu will appear. Many users experience the problem of having the Themes button grayed out in Word 2010 and don’t know how to fix it. We are also running Windows Vista and Windows 7, does not seem to matter which OS only that it is office 2010. Attached Images. To change page orientation:Select the Page Layout tab.Click the Orientation command in the Page Setup group. The page orientation cannot be changed, it is greyed out. The process "Format->Wrap" yields a grayed-out panel with options ["Wrap off" to "Edit"] that cannot be exercised in any file. (SmartArt is enabled, for example, but Shapes is greyed out.) attached is a example of my problem. I've googled this but found no answer. I have already tried changing the page orientation from portrait to landscape in printer properties, and regardless of which setting is … my cursor was physically in the header when I used the snippet tool to get this pic. Any thoughts or knowledge as to why this is? It is the simplest yet magical application, offers abundant features. and SIZE are grayed out under the Page Layout tab. Very frustrating. People are using this Word program from more than 3 decades and even now it stands the best in the race. Unfortunately, Word does not allow you to rotate a text box. word problem.JPG (53.2 KB, 6 views) page layout breaks button is grayed out. I have one "odt" file which the Formatting toolbar calls "Preformatted text" where wordwrap is actually on and text wraps to the window. Microsoft Word is the widely used Word processor across the globe. When it’s grayed out though, you won’t be able to use it and it looks like this: However, a common issue regarding this well-known Word processing tool left several users in the high and dry situation. Hi folks - I have been sent an application form in Word which when printed out tends to lose some text in the pre-set fields. Tried saving as doc, then re-saving as a new docx, but the problem remains. Thu 28 Nov, 2013 04:12 am I downloaded a Word template and when I go into the Developer tab, the Design Mode control is greyed out. Word: 5: 10-02-2015 05:25 PM: Microsoft Word 2013 Documents open as full version documents on two computers sporadically: Jaydenc-Fortress: Word: 2: 08-07-2014 12:34 AM: Edit button grayed out in macros dialog box (word 2013) diesel94: Word VBA: 2: 07-18-2014 04:13 PM: Edit Points command grayed out in Word 2003: JohnB: Word: 2: 01-27-2012 09:26 AM catonahottinroof . What's weird is that I have previously entered shapes into this document. Win XPPro Word 2002 All of a sudden Word documents in print layout … external usenet poster : I am able to change page orientation on other documents in word without issue. I have both a small graphic and text in the header only. ... How do you fix Microsoft Word layout? Any suggestions? Word 2010 - Design Mode greyed out. fields with information and headings supplied as part of the form) cannot be selected for editing - all options are greyed out. Why is the rotate option greyed out in Word? 1. Greyed margin guide in Word print layout view by Tim Kjeldsen Apr 12, 2005 6:36AM PDT. Go to Layout/Create Guides and click remove existing ruler guides 2. I wanted to increase the row heights to see if I could get all the text printing out, but the pre-set fields (i.e.